Protection Levels rank a hero on how much lives or environment they save from evil. The rankings of these five levels include:

  • Localized Protection: A hero/heroine who tends to only fight crime in an isolated area that range from a simple house to an entire state/province. Superheroes are usually ranked this level, such as Batman who's home turf is Gotham City and Spider-Man, who usually keeps his crime fighting to New York City.
  • Global Protection: Protects an entire world or at least most of it, keeping the peace and political stability for the planet's residents. Optimus Prime and the Autobots are good examples.
  • Universal Protection: An intergalactic hero/heroine who protects entire galaxies or even the universe itself. A good example is Goku, who protects the universe from the Shadow Dragons.
  • Reality-Preserver: Have saved one or several universes, dimensions or realities, thus including in the process worlds and civilizations. The most notable case is Sora, who protects Disney realities from oppression of Villains Council.
  • Cosmic Protection: These heroes/heroines have saved more lives that anymore. They work to protect the cosmos, the mutltiverse and/or the omniverse from the most despotic evil. Wreck-It Ralph, for example, saved videogame universes from Turbo and Stewie Griffin saved the multiverse from Bertram.

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