A famous man once said, "we create our own demons".
~ Iron Man.

A Provoker is a hero that wronged a villain - usually the Big Bad or the Heavy - so badly through his or her own actions that they were puched beyond their sanity or near this point, creating a Nemesis. Provokers are also the opposite of heroic nemesis, althought many heroes are both.

They are different way to declare a hero as a provoker:

  • The provoker had severely injured, disabled or clippled its nemesis, or did the same (or even killed) their nemesis' lover/loved one's (if they had - since some villains do not approve love at all), right-hand or anyone that they care about. Exemple: Beowulf, making a nemesis out of Grendel's Mother after he killed her son or Dorothy Gale making a nemesis out of the Wicked Witch of the West after her house fell on her sister and killed her.
  • The provoker stole or destroyed any object, usually a weapon or an artifact, that the villain was very attached, or attempted several times to do so. Exemple: Gandalf making a nemesis out of Sauron for trying to claim the One-Ring.
  • The provoker has personally made its nemesis either imprisoned or outcasted. Exemple: Shifu making a nemesis out of Tai Lung by imprisoning him during twenty years.
  • The provoker had broke down psychologically their nemesis, either by mockery or scorn, or steadily made fun of the latter's failures. Example: George Beard and Harold Hutchins making a nemesis out of Tippy TInkletrousers by making fun of his name.
  • The provoker always interfered in its nemesis' affairs. Example: Sherlock Holmes making a nemesis out of Professor James Moriarty for foiling half of his plans.
  • The provoker had cursed its nemesis.

Some heroes might totally by inadvertence making a Nemesis. One of the best instance could be Spongebob, who by his perpetual failures making a nemesis out of Mrs. Puff.

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