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A famous man once said, "we create our own demons".
~ Iron Man.

A Provoker is a hero that wronged a villain - usually the Big Bad or the Heavy - so badly through his or her own actions that they were puched beyond their sanity or near this point, creating a Nemesis. Provokers are also the opposite of heroic nemesis, althought many heroes are both.

They are different way to declare a hero as a provoker:

  • The provoker had severely injured, disabled or clippled its nemesis, or did the same (or even killed) their nemesis' lover/loved one's (if they had - since some villains do not approve love at all), right-hand or anyone that they care about. Example: Beowulf, making a nemesis out of Grendel's Mother after he killed her son or Dorothy Gale making a nemesis out of the Wicked Witch of the West after her house fell on her sister and killed her.
  • The provoker stole or destroyed any object, usually a weapon or an artifact, that the villain was very attached, or attempted several times to do so. Exemple: Gandalf making a nemesis out of Sauron for trying to claim the One-Ring.
  • The provoker has personally made its nemesis either imprisoned or outcasted. Example: Shifu making a nemesis out of Tai Lung by imprisoning him during twenty years.
  • The provoker had broke down psychologically their nemesis, either by mockery or scorn, or steadily made fun of the latter's failures. Example: George Beard and Harold Hutchins making a nemesis out of Tippy TInkletrousers by making fun of his name.
  • The provoker always interfered in its nemesis' affairs. Example: Sherlock Holmes making a nemesis out of Professor James Moriarty for foiling half of his plans.
  • The provoker had cursed its nemesis.

Some heroes might totally by inadvertence making a Nemesis. One of the best instance could be Spongebob, who by his perpetual failures making a nemesis out of Mrs. Puff.

For obviously reasons some may qualify as Pure Good depending on their moral agency and their well knowing between right and wrong so long as it any of their moral agencies does not interfere too much against their status of their chances of being determined as such. Many have qualified and have had mostly good traits and not any heavily corruptible traits whatsoever.

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