You ever heard of the multiverse theory, Brian? The theory states that there are an infinite number of universes coexisting with ours on parallel dimensional planes. In each of these alternate universes, the reality is different than our own. Sometimes only slightly, sometimes quite radically. The point is, every possible eventuality exists.
~ Stewie explaining to Brian the multiverse theory.

Reality-Preservers are the ultimate pinnacle of protection and the natural opposite of Reality-Butchers as they have successfully saved or prevented entire universes, dimensions or realities from absolute destruction thus saving countless worlds and civilizations in the process. They fight against villains who are willing to destroy reality or alternate realities in order to sate their nihilistic thirst for destruction. These heroes are wholly devoted into preventing the Universe or Multiverse from falling into chaos or reverting it back into its primordial, vast, chaotic, and lifeless state of being before being created or even making sure the universe is not being remade in the image of a cataclysmic Reality-Butcher. Overall, Reality-Preservers are devoted to protecting the natural balance of the Universe or Multiverse from being thrown into chaos or being outright destroyed by any who would attempt to do so.

A Reality-Preserver has taken protection to an even more higher level than universal protection as the number of lives these beings have saved are truly immeasurable and thus makes them saviors countless times over and are considered to be the greatest hero or heroes of all time. These heroes are those who are willing to protect all forms of life that exist in all of reality or realities from being extinguished by any villain who would pose an apocalyptic threat to all life.

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