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She has the ability to make anything she wishes for into a reality.
~ Itsuki Koizumi about Haruhi Suzumiya.

Reality-Warpers are heroes that can control reality itself, this makes them similar to Omnipotents in the fact they are extremely powerful but sometimes seek to keep the universe safe from evil - almost all reality-warpers in fiction are evil or morally dubious, a side-effect of having such godlike powers. Such powers include, Cartoon Physics, manipulating illusions and creating true ones, possessing a complete (or semi complete) collection/array of powers and abilities, and among others, and some other powers that would affect reality around them. Users of Nigh to regular Omnipotence can also be classified as reality warpers.

Another name for Reality-Warping is "Essokinesis", which is the power to control reality itself.

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