Ha! Such conceit! But if you are one of the chosen wielders of power, as you claim, I will risk everything to deny you!
~ Midna to Ganondorf

Sometimes there are some depictions of Satan being good or close to good, sometimes there are interpretations of Satan being cast as a Promethean figure trying to unshackle humanity from the tyranny of an unjust God, or even Satan redeeming himself.

Heroic Satans, or at least those whom are similar with these like Heroic Archdemon/Transcendant Demon physiology that are similar with other regular heroic demons, but in power, are more immense.

In some extreme and rarer cases, there can be a depiction of Satan being Pure Good and even having no corrupting qualities. However, this can only happen if Satan's moral agency has been made very clear.

NOTE:- only add heroic depictions of "The Devil" in this category. Do not include normal demons or heroes who can sometimes be deemed disagreeable/mean. The latter should go under Heroic Jerks and/or Control Freaks, or similar categories.

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