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God help the outcasts, hungry from birth. Show them the mercy they don't find on Earth
~ Esmeralda singing a prayer.
I’m not a ghost! A Ghost is an echo or a memory that’s still bound to Earth. This form is more akin to an… Angel? No, that word’s overused… Muse, maybe? Anyway, difference is I got this cool halo.
~ Breel explains his nature when visiting Keene in the land of the living.
While he was blessing them, he left them and was taken up into heaven
~ Jesus parting the earth and being raised to Heaven

A Saved Soul, also called Redeemed Soul or Blessed Soul, is a hero or former/redeemed villain who not only dies but is also able to go to heaven and move on to the next life, in essence they are those whose souls are free from wandering the Earth, being bound by something, simply achieved redemption for their past sins, or is a hero who has died.

It is the opposite of Damned Soul, whereas the soul of the saved are able to escape damnation or be able to return to their bodies right after their souls have been extracted. The souls who are saved are able to find peace in the afterlife and move on to a higher plane thus are able to find salvation. At times or often however, those who souls are saved will be able to live and devote the rest of their lives by atoning for all the acts they have commited willingly or unwittingly in their lives. Salvation is often reserved for those who have been tragic victims in the past as well as those who been forced into a situation where they have only found suffering and for villains who have finally redeemed themselves by atoning for all the sins they have commited.

The greatest example of this is where Anakin Skywalker who has renounced his Sith identity, Darth Vader turns on his former master, Emperor Palpatine by heroically rescuing his son Luke Skywalker from excrutiating torture at the Emperor's hands by finally killing the Emperor which not only fufilled his destiny by being the Chosen One and bringing balance to the force but also finally redeeming his soul and dying as the man he was and is before embracing the path towards being evil.

Sometimes the salvation does not have to be shown outright and can apply if heroes are shown living and/or dying in a way symbolic of them being saved (i.e Simon, Henry Jones Sr., John Hartigan, Kenny, Pops Maellard, and John Coffey).

At times or often in the story, the saved soul of that person or people comes back as a spirit(s) after their physical death and is willing to help his/her savior(s) by giving them a new power (in which case their own powers) as well as reinvigorate their fighting spirits by giving them advice on how to win and giving the hero(ine) or heroes a heartfelt message about being true to who they are by continuing to overcome any challenges and finally thanking them for freeing them from the suffering they had in their lives or for making them finally see the errors of their ways and reembracing their inner goodness once more.

It is reserved for some Pure Goods who passed Goodness Zone and have made noble choices, including heroic sacrifices.

It is the complete opposite of Damned Souls.


  • They must have started life as a human or another member of a mortal race; if they were angels, demons or spirits they do not count.
  • They must be linked to a heaven dimension, but ghosts can still qualify.
  • Even if they gain angelic powers, they are still bound to Heaven in some fashion, normally through the classic "Ascended to Heaven upon defeat type"
  • They cannot be creatures that have naturally evolved in Heaven or similar realms (aka True Angels


  1. Characters who merely revived without turning holy do not count (e.g. Queen Anna)
  2. Do NOT add beings that have always existed in Heaven such as true angels; this is for beings that were once part of the living world but have become celestial in nature due to becoming spritually redeemed.
  3. Heroes whose souls used to be saved but later had their souls condemned will not belong to this category any longer. (e.g. Benjamin Richter)
  4. Merely undead beings (e.g. Frankenstein's Monster) do not count. Undead beings that fit in this category must have been related to Heaven-like dimensions.
  5. Characters whose souls were wiped out from existence and became absolutely nothing after their death, thus having NO afterlife do not count.
  6. Characters who came back from the dead yet felt nothing after their death do not count (e.g. Baymax)
  7. Characters who just die do not count either, mainly because there's no way to know about the nature of the afterlife in those pieces of fiction due the lack of indications.
  8. If the character's "blessing" was all a dream, (e.g. Scrat) then it does not count.

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