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All these other people out there who are dealing with something similar... Why do they keep insisting on showing everyone? 'Cause theres plenty of followers, theres plenty of people watching this shit. [They're] sitting back and hoping that it doesn't happen to them... You think its interesting as you pick up your camera and start filming things too, because you think you see a flicker in the frame, or someone thats not supposed to be... You upload it, too. Someone watches that, they grab their camera and they start bringing it around. That's The Virus. You can't stop, I can't just stop. I want to, I would stop, but, I have a lot of people to take my place. There's really no choice, you have to see it to the end.
~ Michael Andersen

Heroes from the Slender Man universe (Slender Man Mythos): Slendervlogs / Slenderblogs, Games etc. This category also includes heroes from The Fear Mythos or similiar Mythos and Verses.

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