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One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king.
~ Mufasa telling Simba how he would be his dad's successor to the throne
She just doesn't want to be with you anymore. She said she still wants to be friends.
~ Bebe Stevens telling Stan Marsh that Wendy Testaburger had dumped him.

The first episode was just a pilot, Dad. Producers fiddle with shows all the time. They change characters, drop others, and push some into the background.
~ Lisa Simpson explaining to Homer how his character was changed in his TV show.
I wouldn't be standing here today, T.J., if it weren't for your courage and strength. I choose you to lead the team, as the new Red Ranger.
~ Tommy Oliver chooses T.J. Johnson to become the new red ranger.

Heroes that have replaced other heroes. This is similar to Legacy Villains.

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