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Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us. And on my soul I swear: until my dream where dignity, honor, and justice becomes the reality we all share I'll never stop fighting. Ever.
~ Superman.

Superheroes are heroes who have powers and/or abilities that set a hero aside from other people. They are usually costumed do-gooders wearing colorful outfits and often have unusual and useful superpowers or equipment. They usually exist to keep people safe from criminals and supervillains and their goals are ultimately (unless they're Anti-Heroes) to help make the world a better place and push others to become better.

Of course, not all superheroes are super-powered since they can be super without them. Batman is often considered a superhero despite having nothing but training, intelligence, willpower and minor gadgetry. He is considered a superhero, mainly because of his costume.

They don't just have to have their respective superhero costumes, but their costumes can be different.

They have special powers and/or abilities that easily defeat normal villains and/or criminals. They most likely don't need help when they fight numerous villains/criminals with their special powers and/or abilities.

They challenge supervillains. They can defeat them on their own, but for the other part, they can't because of the supervillains who are considered very undefeatable and/or strong. They might need help from various superheroic allies.

Superheroes don't only exist in comic books from Marvel and DC Comics, they also are expanded to other media:

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