Oh my god, are you God?
~ Bender

Heroes that possess God-Like power which they use to help the heroes. The heroes qualified as Supreme Beings represent an in universe equivalent of the Monotheistic God. If one of many gods a Supreme Being will still be the most powerful and or important of his or her brethren who is also benevolent. Often times, a heroic supreme being would represent how god is good as opposed to evil. In most cases like gods, they are considered immortal because their survival rate is greater than that of mortals. At times they can display great wisdom that can help heroes that can be beneficial in the long run or explain the balance of nature. Like any other lesser deities on the side of good, they often would stay as a neutral position so as to not interfere with the current events (by extensions the story itself). If they decide to help they would sometimes or normally act as a mysterious entity by taking on a form that suits the situation and can try to reassure grieved characters about losses or try to be forgiving to those who have done wrong.

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