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Up till now, I've come up against all types. They've refused to back down, so fighting was the only way to stop them. But I never understood what made them turn out this way. If I had, maybe things would've worked out differently. Or, who knows? Maybe I still would've had to fight them anyway. Shigaraki killed so many people. He's hurt people near and dear to me. And yet!! Maybe there is no other way besides killing. And I dunno what I'm gonna do when the time comes... but I want to save that little boy.
~ Izuku Midoriya talking about his sympathy towards the villains he's encountered.

Heroes who have developed some degree of sympathy for others they come across when they come to understand their motives and all the hardships they went through which led them to being their enemies/villains or unfortunate scapegoats in the first place. It can range from being sympathetic toward their friends, family, or comrades to being outright sympathetic to villains who have lost so much during their lives.

It is also an opposite of Psychopaths.

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