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In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.
~ Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Hero is the character who strives to be the most prominent good guy of a story and franchise. In many settings of any media, this character is a hero, pure and simple. They're almost always right, are a friend to all their teammates, and morally superior. They also have a well-rounded skill set. They're not as strong as The Big Guy, or as smart as The Smart Guy, or as sensitive and socially adept as The Chick, but they're close. They can personally accomplish a variety of goals, but their real superpower is getting the whole diverse set of personalities to focus and pull together. They'll always know who to ask for help, and when — and usually how. The villainous version of this trope is called The Heavy where the villain not always the Big Bad but has a major role in the Hero's origins. They are not always the Big Good but serve under them much like the Heavy is to the Big Bad.

Note: It is very important to remember that while The Hero is usually also the main protagonist, they are not necessarily one and the same. To qualify for this category, the character must be the main/major aspect of the franchise, perform good deeds that inspire other characters/have the profound effect on their lives, and have the most plot line than the other good guys in their journey of the story.

Extremely Important: Do not confuse other heroes who are the Big Goods for The Hero. For the Big Good, the hero must perform actions that influence other good guys prior of their respective stories and must be a good leader of the team/organizaton at least. They can be either supporting or even minor characters that only help turn the tide of the conflict in the good guys' favor. Likewise, do NOT add any character who is The Hero in the Big Good category unless they prove their worth of single-handedly turn the tide of any Good vs. Evil battle in the heroes' favor or running the organization that help many people of their problems.

Other elements and attributes common to The Hero include:

  • They have to be the main focus of the story or franchise.
  • Most of the time, they are part of the conflict with the Big Bad in the classic Good vs. Evil scenario.
  • They are part of the narrative story and the most important aspect of the storyline of any franchise.
  • In any team, they have to be a classic heroic archetype among others, who can be diverse anti-heroes.
  • If possible, when they prove to be the great force of good, or single-handedly have turned the tide of the battle on the good guys' favor, they'll evolve into the Big Good.

Notable Heroes include:

Editing note: Do not create pages based on this category, as irredeemably evil villains who just so happen to be the "main character" do not count.

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