Just because I look like a man doesn't mean I have to smell like one.
~ Mulan
Tomboys are female individuals that include the role of a male. Not to be confused with lesbians, who shows attraction to the same gender. They may be often told by others to act more feminine which they often disagree with. They may see femininity as a sign of weakness, grew up with mostly male family members, lack of a motherly figure or simply they just prefer the roles that are often associated with males. However, Tomboys do not have to be entirely masculine; they can possess some girly traits that they may or may not be ashamed to have, in which case they are known as "Tomboys with a Girly Streak" (the same can be said for Girly heroines, who do not have to be entirely feminine and can possess some tomboyish traits, in which case they are known as "Girly Girls with a Tomboy Streak"). Tomboys can be distinguished by these stereotypical male traits:
  • Dresses in clothes more often seen on males.
  • Using sarcastic sense of humor to be funny.
  • Are not afraid to get dirty.
  • Enjoy sports (even if just watching and not playing), video games, action movies or other pass times generally associated with males.
  • Are active, athletic, adventurous, rebellious, and outspoken.
  • Are rarely interested in romantic relationships.
  • Pretty themselves up only for formal occasions rather than on a daily basis.
  • Are not obsessed with/indifferent to cleanliness, fashion, jewelry and matriarchy.
  • Some can also have voices that sounds boyish.
  • Stand up for equal rights more abrasively.
  • This term has been taken from TV tropes. For more information, see the original article.

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