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Because I'm the hero Gotham needs, not the one it deserves.
~ Batman.
They left without me! They do this every year! Why?! Doesn't anyone love me?! Isn't there anyone who cares about Sid the Sloth?
~ Sid abandoned by his family.

Those Unwanted by society. Some are insecure and many try to change by force. Evil tells them to forget those they save; some end up accepted in the end. Unwanted Heroes can be outcasts or misunderstood. Often these characters are cynical but cling to codes of honor not because it will make a difference, but because they feel they have to. They often feel that society is corrupt, but believe by clinging to a code shunned and hated by the ones they protecting they ensure goodness will never truly die.

They are the good counterparts of Outcasts.

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