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Don't make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry.
~ Bruce Banner about to change into the Hulk.
You know what? That makes me mad.
~ Droopy.
Have you ever felt the way Lloyd does?
So angry you want to hurt someone?
Or yourself?
I know I have.
~ Fred Rogers
How dare, you took my Setsuna away from me. I won't let get away with this... Kirinmaru!
~ Towa vowing to avenge her sister to Kirinmaru.

Wrathful Heroes are heroes who are incredibly wrathful in nature, and motivated by anger, hatred, or can have a serious anger management problem. They can easily lose their temper or control of themselves. They quite commonly possess colossal tempers, and are often quick to anger. Normally, they do not require much to get them furious and argumentative.

It is also quite often for them to relish in their wrathful nature. More often than not, their temper proves to be their undoing. Wrathful heroes can also learn to control or suppress their rage over the course of a story. Moreover, they commonly control it in a passive manner once they successfully manage the said emotion.

Their counterparts are Wrathful Villains.

Wrathful heroes can only be Pure Good if they learn to manage or destroy their anger and meet all the criteria, as pure good heroes never let their anger get out of control, unlike Berserkers. However, also note that everyone gets angry sometimes. Heroes who lose their cool every now and then (e.g. Goku) do not qualify. If a certain Pure Good does ever end up letting their anger out of control, they must feel remorse when back in their normal senses.

Please do NOT add Heroes by Personality under Wrathful or Vengeful because they are not personality traits

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