The Sub-Categories

Theres some incorrect categories that have to be removed.


It's not simple......I would say that I am on the side of life.
~ Vision to the Avengers, when asked whose side he's on
I haven't decided to do squat. I saved this kid because I wanted to, you hear me? What about you? I seem to recall you putting your life on the line to save me last night? Tell me, were you really thinking about your duty when you rushed to help me? Of course not! That's the last thing on your mind when you save someone! At the very least, I choose to be different!
~ Ichigo Kurosaki to Rukia Kuchiki, declaring he'll help souls out of compassion, not duty
Put your heads together and think, and I'm certain you'll see what you need to do.
~ Sara Valestein to Class VII
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