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Cathy is a heroine featured in Max & Co.

Max & Co.

Cathy is a singer with a sharp sense of humor and a strong will auditioning for Bzzz & Co. When she arrives in St. Hilary to apply for a job, Max helps her with her luggage. They make it to Bzzz & Co., where Cathy wows the conniving head of the factory, Rodolfo, with her beautiful singing accompanied by Max accompanying her with his music. Cathy is admired both by Rodolfo and Max. When Max rallies the townsfolk to stand up against Rodolfo, he convinces Cathy to help him. She reluctantly agrees and carries out the plan by seducing Rodolfo. The plan is working, but when Max and the townspeople are captured by Martin, Rodolfo realizes that Cathy has tricked him and kidnaps her. Max and the villagers manage to escape, but Rodolfo arrives with Cathy held hostage and prepares to feed her to the flies. Max tells Rodolfo to take him in Cathy's place but the villain throws him in with her. Fortunately, Max rescues her and the two of them defeat Rodolfo and Martin. Cathy congratulates Max and his father for saving the town.


Max & Co - Cathy's song

Max & Co - Cathy's song


  • Cathy's sultry and endearing voice is provided by Virginie Efira.
  • Her personality is reminiscent of Cappy in Robots, Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Celia in Monsters, Inc.
  • In one scene, Cathy sings a tune from the opera Carmen.
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