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Catman is the superhero alter-ego of actor Adam West. He lives at his Stately Manor in Dimmsdale, and is a good friend (as well as a legal guardian) of Timmy Turner.

He is a parody of the 1960s Batman who was portrayed in live action by the late, the great Adam West and of course directly based after Catman, another hero made by DC comics but had become less prominent superhero and hardly known nowadays to the people of Dimmsdale. In season 9 and season 10, Catman was voiced by Jeff Bennet following the death of Adam West .


Catman is described as an incompetent "superhero" who often causes more harm than good. His actions often times land him in a number of lawsuits, which often times requires Timmy to act as his acting lawyer (in which they often win thanks in part to Timmy's fairies).

While wearing his costume, Catman is very playful, and often times thinks he is an actual cat. On numerous occasions, he becomes easily distracted by various things associated with cats such as an interest in playing with yarn or a fear of dogs.



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