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~ The Cats' signature meows.

Cats, formerly Ocelots, are benevolent mobs in Minecraft. They are one of the known tamable mobs in the game. They commonly act as companions, or backup to the players, and will scare all of the creepers tried to kill them.


Tamed cats are often portrayed as loyal, kind, cute, friendly, passive, loving, and trustworthy creatures, and they follow these traits in the game, mostly to their owners.

Wild cats are simply passive and self-aware, and will run away from any players if they come near them.


Cats are often found in villages as of the 1.14 update, and once tamed, they will follow their owners to wherever they want to go. Cats also unintentionally help the player in deadly situations, one notable situation is whenever the creeper attempts to kill the player, but saw a cat from their side, the creeper will eventually retreat from the player without hesitation. Cats are very loyal to the player, but sometimes will act just a normal cat as usual. As always, cats are known to help the player in deadly creeper situations.


Once two cats with a newly bred kitten. When tamed cats are fed an uncooked fish of any kind, they will enter love mode. Breeding will create a kitten, and the parents cannot be bred again for a five-minute delay. The kitten will have the breed and owner of one of the parents. Sitting cats cannot themselves breed, but a mobile cat can breed with a sitting cat, in which case the kitten's breed and owner will always match the mobile cat's. The growth of baby cats can be slowly accelerated using raw fish. Each use takes 10% off the remaining time to grow up.

Heroic Acts

  • They help the players from being killed by the creepers by scaring them.
  • They will always remain loyal to the players, much like wolves, and will stay by their side even if the players quit their worlds.
  • Cats welcome their owners whenever they are back from their journeys.
  • None of them created violence just to protect their owners, instead, they show their cuteness to the creepers that tried to harm them.
  • A tamed cat will be friendly to all of the player's pets, including their pet dogs.


  • Before the 1.13 to the present update, the cats (formerly tameable from ocelots) doesn't get too much attention by many players, and doesn't even play a large role to the player's survival world, as jungles are really rare in the older versions. But now cats are now found in villages, They are now the second most known tameable mob that is really loyal to the player, and will follow them wherever they want to go.
  • Creepers are usually afraid to attack the player whenever they're around them, and will flee if they have cats around them. One notable explanation is that, creepers are scared to kill these adorable and sweet creatures, making the creepers, the only hostile mobs that doesn't try to kill one type of animal in the game.
  • Like most of the animals in the game, the cats are only bred by their specific food diet, the fish.
  • Cats are also one of the few mobs in the game, that is completely innocent and committed no crime at all, as they didn't even attack in self-defense from the hostile mobs (alongside the villagers) and are considered true pacifists too.
  • Cats are the only mobs in the game, that despite it being a tameable animal, it also the very hardest to tame, as they always run away from the player that tries to tame them. This leads to players eventually try to trap them so they can easily tame them easily.




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