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The day I died was the day I started to live. In my old life, I longed for someone to see what was special in me. You did, and for that, you'll always be in my heart. But what I really needed was for me to see it. And now I do. You're a good man, Tom. But you live in a world that has no place for someone like me. You see, sometimes I'm good. Oh, I'm very good. But sometimes I'm bad. But only as bad as I wanna be. Freedom is power. To live a life untamed and unafraid is the gift that I've been given, and so my journey begins.
~ Patience Phillips aka Catwoman

Patience Phillips is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the 2004 adaptation of Catwoman. Living by herself, Patience is a woman who works in the art department for a beauty product agency which produces beauty products such as a skin care cream.

As Catwoman, Patience dresses in black leather, a bustier bra and pants with a cat mask, and gloves with claws. Catwoman uses her iconic whip in combat, but also shows her expert hand-to-hand combat and agility.

This version of Catwoman differs from the traditional forms of Catwoman. Instead of being portrayed as Selina Kyle, an expert gymnast and hand-to-hand combatant, she is portrayed as a woman with super-human abilities and actually acts like a Cat.

She was portrayed by Halle Berry who also played Storm in the X-Men Movies and Jinx in Die Another Day.


Patience's boss, George Hedare invites her into his office, where he tells her he isn't pleased with her recent work. He demands she re-do it and she stays late at work that night to do so.

The mail department informs her that nobody is there to deliver the work to George, so unfortunately she must deliver it herself. Whilst delivering the new design to her boss, Patience overhears a plot to sell the beauty product, despite it being defective.

When the skin cream is used over a long time, it keeps the skin looking healthy and youthful. However, if the user stops using it, his/her face will start to deteriorate and become seriously damaged.

She accidentally knocks a piece of equipment on a desk and she is spotted. In her attempt to flee, she runs into a set of water conduits. Laurel Hedare orders her security to flush the pipes, knowing full well Patience is in there.

The pipes are flooded by water and Patience is knocked into the surrounding water, where she eventually drowns and dies.

After being murdered, her body washed up on the banks of the city. Midnight, the cat that had been following Patience over the last few days, starts to call for other cats which they eventually arrive.

Midnight climbs on top of Patience and breathes a strange mist over her face, where she suddenly awakes, reborn as Catwoman.

Midnight is actually a temple cat - a messenger of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. She is an Egyptian Mau and is sacred to several feline deities, such as Sekhmet and Madfet.

Midnight had been testing Patience to see if she is worthy - and in need of - receiving the gift she can give; the gift of a new life, the life of a Catwoman.

When Patience wakes up, she has been transformed into Catwoman, a warrior with the force of a cat, who prowls the night in search of justice. At first she spends most of her journey trying to figure out who killed her and the reason why.

She believes that George Hedare is the one who flushed the pipes, and pursues him to a ballet show, there she is discovered by police, where she escapes and is confronted by her love-interest, Officer Detective Tom Lone. Eventually, she discovers the truth about Laurel Hedare, and that she was the one who ordered the pipes to be flushed.

Laurel Hedare kills her husband (after finding out Catwoman knows the truth about the skin product) and frames Catwoman where her love-interest figures out that Patience is Catwoman and is consequently arrested. She eventually escapes and confronts Laurel, where a vicious fight ensues which results in Laurel falling to her death.

Patience and Catwoman are cleared of all charges, and Patience continues to stalk the night with her persona as an anti-heroine.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Reflexes: Thanks to her cat-like agility and speed, Catwoman's reflexes are similarly augmented greater than an average human, allowing her to dodge attacks with ease.
  • Superhuman Strength: Catwoman experiences a dramatic increase in physical strength than that of a normal human, allowing her to easily overpower opponents with her attacks.
  • Superhuman Durability: The skin, muscle and bone tissue of Catwoman has a density much greater than a human being.
  • Superhuman Speed and Agility: Catwoman is capable of terrific speed which allow her to run faster on fours like a regular cat. She is also extremely lithe as her muscles and skeleton are extraordinarily flexible, giving her the agility of a feline.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Catwoman's stamina enables her to exert herself at peak capacity for very lengthy periods of time without tiring at all.
  • Superhuman Senses: Catwoman is able to pick up the scent of any danger or threat twice as strong as a modern cat.
  • Wall Crawling: Catwoman is able to scale and adhere to any surface.


  • Artistry: Patience is shown to have skills in artistry.
  • Master Combatant: Catwoman is very proficient in hand-to-hand fighting as she was able to battle against opponents such as Laurel Hedare with ease.
  • Expert Thief: Catwoman is known to be a master of thievery since she is extremely skilled in theft.


  • Whip: Patience has great skills in wielding a whip which she can use in combat.
  • Clawed Gloves: Patience has gloves lined with diamond claws which are sufficient to rend most substances.


Primarily, Patience is an extremely quiet, shy and timid woman. She had zero confidence in herself and had always been a people pleaser. However, upon her transformation to Catwoman, her personality changes completely. She gains total confidence — a polar opposite of her former self. She looks like the same person, but deep down, is completely different. As Catwoman, she wears a black bustier bra that reveals her midriff with black leather pants.

She also wears black leather gloves, with built in diamond claws she designed herself using parts of a necklace she stole from a jewelry store. The movie ends with her stating she is neither good or bad; she's in between, which gives her an anti-heroine personality.


  • The Catwomen were also meant to teach a life lesson to all humanity: There is no pure good or evil. There is no black or white. We are all grey beings. This is shown when she stops three men when they rob a jewellery store but then robs it herself in the middle of the film.
  • Patience's story is similar to that of the Catwoman from Batman Returns; both were killed by their bosses after discovering illegal business of their companies, both were brought back to life by cats and both wanted revenge on their bosses for killing them.
  • This Catwoman is a different version from the original DC Comics character.
    • Instead of being like the original version, this one is just one of many over the ages.