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Selina Kyle, commonly known as Catwoman is a major character of the 2019 DC Universe's adult animated series Harley Quinn.

She is voiced by Sanaa Lathan, who also played Vanessa Brooks in Blade. Selina Kyle also known as Catwoman is half Italian and also half Cuban. Catwoman selfishly left her close friend, Poison Ivy to steal a blood diamond and left her to pay for all of her hotel bills, involving many spa treatments throughout a previous mission with Poison Ivy in the Amazon Rain forest to defeat loggers. Selina met Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy at Chez Feline to talk about stealing Firefly's flamethrower from Doctor Trap who created a shop in the Gotham Natural History Museum, and while there ruled the trio Cobb salads, to Poison Ivy's disdain. Catwoman agreed to the theft on the terms that she would steal an Egyptian ruby for herself.

Throughout the night of the theft, Selina knowingly attended late as a cool power move. After making it, Catwoman told Harley Quinn and Ivy also Kite Man (if he wants too) to follow her and that she would handle the traps. Selina used her claws to cut into the museum's atrium. Selina and Ivy ended up being on their own, and throughout the theft, Selina had to rescue Ivy from many traps, in the meanwhile talking about Ivy's relationship with Kite Man and expressing her contempt for it. Selina and Ivy met up with Kite Man and Harley Quinn.

Kite Man and Harley also arrived at the same time right after they made to the flamethrower's display. Selina kept her end of the agreement and cut a hole in the display so that Harley could take the flamethrower, but stole the diamond Kite Man really wanted to use to pop the question to Ivy.

Heroic Acts

  • In Catwoman She saved Ivy from death.
  • In Bacheloratte She and her friends made Ivy's bachelor very special also she and her Cobb Squad crew saved a group of people that just got kidnapped by Lex Luthor.
  • In The Runaway Bridesmaid She and her friends were willing to help Harley because Harley said the beautiful words called Cobb Squad for life?

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