Cedric Brown
This is the story of my family, of my seven children who were all very clever but all very, very naughty.
~ Cedric Brown

Cedric Brown is the hero of Nanny McPhee.

He is a strict but caring father who does all he can to find a nanny for his seven naughty children. Cedric cares very deeply for his family but is burdened by the death of his wife. He must also find a new wife to pay back the wicked Aunt Adelaide with the dowry. The story begins with Cedric trying to find a new nanny after his children drove off seventeen of them. A new nanny comes to his house - the magical Nanny McPhee, who gives the children five lessons they take the time to learn:

  1. To go to bed when they're told
  2. To get up when they're told
  3. To get dressed when they're told
  4. To listen
  5. To do exactly as they're told

Cedric is due to be married to a selfish and wicked woman named Selma Quickly. He is unaware of how vile she is until the children crash the wedding. They save him and he saves them from Selma in return. Cedric marries the family's caring scullery maid, Evangeline, saving their home and bringing their family back together.


  • Cedric is played by Colin Firth.
  • The way he grows throughout the story is reminiscent of Chas Finster in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.
  • He is the main hero of the book and the film.
  • In the book his wife is still alive,  so he's not a widower, but in the movie his wife passed away in the birth of their last child.
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