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Celann is a Breton warrior, vampire hunter and member of the Dawnguard in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.


He was previously a member of the Vigilants of Stendarr years ago, alongside Isran. Dissatisfied with the order, they both left to form their own partnership, but it did not last long before Celann began to disagree with some of Isran's methods.


When the Dragonborn goes to Join the Dawngaurd isran and Celann meet both the Dragonborn and Agmaer and induct them into the group.He is initially met outside Fort Dawnguard when arriving for the first time. Upon completion of Prophet, he becomes available as a follower, and can be found wandering around the inside of the fort.Later when Isran rallies the Dawnguard to prepare for the final assault against Harkon and his court at Castle Volkihar Celann is one of member present during Israns speech and during the Assault of Castle Volkihar,Celann is able to be the Dragonborns steward for there home.


  • He is one of five followers who level up with the player indefinitely.
  • Although he has Heavy Armor training, Celann wears a light armor variant of Dawnguard armor.
  • Even if Celann is appointed steward of a homestead prior to "Kindred Judgment," he will still storm Castle Volkihar during the last quest of the main story. Upon completion, assuming he survives, he will return to the homestead he was appointed to and resume his steward duties.


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