S1e2a The Picnic - I'll grant your wish okay

The Celestial Being is a powerful alien being in WOY Universe.


The Celestial Being is a constantly waving face that also changes colors as it waves. His eyes and mouth also constantly wave. Judging by his face series, it is pessimistic and apathetic.


The Celestial Being resides in the Temple of Celestial Galaxy. Once every millennium all planets of said galaxy are aligned on the temple, thus appearing the Celestial Being who will grant a single wish who is present in that place at that time.

1.000 years ago, there was a battle between Major Threat, commandeering his Watchsquids army, and Admiral Admirable, commandeering his Feet Fighters army to see who will receive that wish but it is unkown how ended that battle.

1.000 years later, there was a similar battle between Lord Hater, commandeering his Watchdogs army, and Emperor Awesome, commandeering his Fist Fighters army to the same object. At the this battle's end, Hater won, but, when he asked to the Celestial Being that his desire to dominate the universe was fulfilled, was bothered by Wander continuously to the point he wished to be left alone five seconds.


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