Celia Cumani Aintree is a heroine of Walkure Romanze: Shōjo Kishi Monogatari.


  • Height: 168 cm
  • Three sizes: 93 (G)/56/88
  • Birthday: November 27
  • Jost of technology rank: S rank


Winford school third grader at Knight department major, and student council president. It is a leading eldest daughter of a prominent family "Aintree Dukes" in the country, the attitude was magnificent and its beauty, its character because in contact with it without prejudice to anyone, and is respected by the whole school. And diligently from a young age to "knight serving those strongly there" that the motto of the original to Jost, the Queen, which achieved two consecutive even in a number of champions, and Winford tournament. It does not give the Greither base until last year, at once disciple of brother-Yurianusu, it was ask them become Takahiro flatly Greither was excellent as a knight. Although usually it is in a dignified attitude, hobby collection of teddy bear. With about attitude speaks hot and completely changed, the home of the room (in the TV anime version is also in the student council room) a lot of stuffed animals are located. and riding to horse horse itself owned. In addition to innate talent, quickly without waste to operate in an effort type to be carefully wrought that of the individual, in most of the game you are settled in feather dropped. Armor favorite is made of 2004 master craftsman · MATTEOGRASSI, it is designed to emphasize the decoration and lighter than steel MISAGRIA. HIGH GOTHIC ARMOR type / material of steel, gold, leather, carbon fiber / weight 9.2 kg / Country of manufacture Italy Lombardy. The name of the favorite horse is Licht (Licht).



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