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I can't trust anyone... Ever since I was born, people have tried to delete me to steal my throne. My siblings, relatives, close associates... They devised all sorts of plans to erase me. Actually, I had a few close calls in my life... I would think I had faithful followers, but they turn out to be the same as everyone else. If I can't trust the ones most "loyal" to me, How can I trust complete strangers? The only thing I trusted about strangers was that they were out to betray me. I thought that I shouldn't bother trusting others to begin with if they were going to betray me in the end. Not trusting others... It's made my whole life nothing but loneliness.
~ Cepheus telling to both Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis about his paranoid intentions.

Cepheus is an anti-hero and former antagonist of the videogame series Mega Man Star Force, he is the king ruler of the FM-ian people.


Before the events of the series, when the Planet FM receives signals from Earth to offering them to form a BrotherBand, translates it as attempt takes up against and wage war on Planet FM, and he begins to strike Earth.

Near the end of the game, After Mega Man defeats the final boss Andromeda, finishing the conflict among Earth and the FM-ians, Cepheus realizes what he has done, and decides to trust Geo and Earth. However, Cepheus at that point starts to rebuilding Planet AM alongside the three Satellite Admins.

In the extra scenario of the third game, an EM Being named Sirius guides a black hole towards the Planet FM in the hoping of devouring it for his "collection."

When enters the Astro Waves of Planet FM, Cepheus appears and arguing with him for help. While he tells Mega Man that the same black hole has already devour the Planet AM that he and the Server Admins that they have been rebuilding, and tells Mega Man that the black hole will devour the FM-ians' planet in less than one day.

After Mega Man defeats Sirius and saving the Planet FM, Cepheus thanks to Mega Man, reminding them they will always be Brothers.


Cepheus is a tall humanoid, with it's body composed of raw energy, It also has a red cape and a crown that can be detached at will.


Cepheus is a stern but nonetheless benevolent ruler of the FM-Ian, initially was a powerful warlord, But after Geo Stelar helping to see the errors of his way, he deeply regret from the misery that been has caused to earth and his people, After the events of the third game, Cepheus has became a powerful ally to Geo Stelar and his friends, He is also quiet ashamed from everything he has done, Helped Mega Man to defeat Gemini once and for all.


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