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Hae-in is a rather beautiful young woman in her twenties with an impressive figure, able to attract the attention of men. She has blonde hair cut into a bob cut and gray eyes.

When using her abilities, her eyes glow golden.

During Dungeon Raids and combat, she is often seen dressed in red-themed armor and carries around a longsword with a golden guard.


At first glance, Hae-in comes off as rather serious and calm, caring about the lives of others, which combined with her meticulous nature causes her to develop a habit of patrolling around the boss' lair to ensure that their guild workers doesn't get harmed, such as the mining and hauling teams who are composed of people unable to defend themselves.

She is rather diligent in her sword training, taking lessons from Song Chi-Yul, even after becoming an S-Rank. Unlike most higher-ranked Hunters, she has no biased against lower-ranked Hunters, admiring Chi-Yul, who is a C-Ranked Hunter who honed his skills in his lifetime, believing that she couldn't defeat him if it was simply swordplay.

However, from time to time, similar to Jin-Woo, Hae-In has been noted to be rather socially awkward when it comes to things outside of dungeon raiding. She is noted to not have many friends, often becoming flustered depending on the situation, such as when she took a pickaxe as a weapon, and someone from the guild asked about it.

Cha-In soon developed interest in Jin-Woo since he's the sole Hunter who doesn't smell foul to her, which soon developed into feeling after being saved by him.


Not much is known about her past, aside from the fact that two years before she was awakened as an S-Rank Hunter, becoming the Vice Guild Master of the Hunters Guild. For some reason, she developed a mana-sensitive sense of smell finding Hunters and Monsters foul to her.

Powers and Abilities

As an S-Rank, Cha-In is a powerful Hunter, rivaling the Korean Chairman, Go Gun-Hee, and being leagues ahead her Guild Master, Choi Jong-In, who named the Ultimate Soldier. Goto Ryuji, the Strongest Japanese Hunter notes she is strong enough to compete with his guild's strongest Hunters, whereas the other Korean S-Ranks couldn't. Even the Ant King before and after being arised as a Shadow considered her a threat.

Among the Korean Hunters, Cha-In is the third strongest behind Jin-Woo and Gun-Hee, a notable feat as both are vessals for Ashborn, and the Brightest Fragment, among the Strongest Monarchs and Rulers respectively.

Supernatural Condition: As an S-Rank Hunter, Cha-In has superior physical prowess compared to other Hunters, most notable her speed, which allowed her to launch multiple attacks in rapid succession almost being akin to a gatling gun.

  • Mana Smell: For some reason, she developed a mana-sensitive sense of smell, causing Hunters and Monsters to smell foul to her. Most notable, Jin-Woo is the sole exception, likely due to being a Monarch Vessal through the System.

Sword Dance: Cha significantly increases her attack speed, making her look like as if she's dancing.

Sword of Light: Cha transforms her sword into pure light, significantly increasing her cutting power.

Quake of Provocation: Cha stabs her sword into the ground, creating a small earthquake that damages any enemies caught in its radius.