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I keep my promises.
~ Chael to himself

Chael is the hero of a Korean mobile RPG game Zenonia 3. He is a young boy who was sent to a land called Midgard. He returns in Zenonia 4 as a supporting character.

Physical Appearance

Chael appears to be a young boy around 13 with spiky blonde hair and red eyes and wears blue clothing.

In Zenonia 4, he is a adult around his 20's and has one eye covered by his bang and wears white red armor with the banner of Deva castle.


Chael is brave, courageous, caring and hot tempered. He shown to be kind towards his dad and cares for him a lot.


Chael was first shown as a kid bullied by other children in the village. The reason why the kids are being mean to him because he no mom. Calling him an orphan even though he has a dad. A kid hit him and made him cry. A girl named Frey came up to him to ask him not to cry. Then years past, his dad Regret calls for him to hurry and get up. His dad Regret told to go read a tombstone of a legendary hero named Lu about being righteous. His fairy named Runa came along and help him go read it and then Chael returned to his dad and Regret told about 4 heroes that saved world. The heroes the mentioned were Lu, Ecne, Morpice, and Daza. The 4 heroes from the previous game. Chael had a duel with Regret and Frey came by and watched them. Next day, Chael went out to pick flowers for Frey’s birthday party but he was sent to a place between heaven and earth which called Midgard alongside his fairy champion Runa.

Then, they woke up at Akun temple and they heard Frey's voice crying for help. Chael saw a girl isn’t Frey but has a striking resemblance to her. Chael fought the Kraken and saved the girl and her name Celine. Chael and Runa met a man named Luxferre who hated humans. Celine told Chael to come and meet her and Luxferre at Delfoy town.

When they arrived to town, Celine had to go the Delfoy church room and pray. Luxferre wouldn’t let Chael in the room where Celine is. And later Chael and Runa went Delfoy shop and help a person named Abyron who came from the Maru tribe. He requested Chael errands and read a mural at Akun temple about what happened in the holy war. Chael felt demotivated about what happened in the tale. Chael remembers what his father said and he cake back in action. Chael and Runa came back to Delfoy town, but Luxferee Luxferre wouldn’t let Chael be with Celine. Luxferre requested ghost mucus for Chael and He and his fairy Runa came back and gave the ghost mucus to him. After they gave Luxferre the mucus, he lied to Chael about the pillars back to his home.

Both Chael and Luxferre started yelling and Celine tells them to be quiet in a holy area. Chael and Runa had no help of where to go. A angel child named Yiralia some cooking salts and later she was told that Celine is looking for Chael. Celine is willingly going with Chael and Runa to head to Paramanon Temple to get some help from Pontifex Temir.

While heading to the Midgard bridge, Chael, Celine, and Runa saw the Devil Tribe at a beautiful river called Lorela River. The three realized that the bridge is full Devil Tribe members. Also, with a different strategy the took a safer route and divert the tough Devil Tribe members on the bridge in order to cross the bridge. Chael, Celine and Runa waited for the time to commence the action. At night, Celine and Chael told their own stories later then, Runa alerted Chael to start the action. The plan was successful until the general of the Devil tribe member named Scylla, a fat gigantic female monster that can fart a poisonous gas. After Chael defeated Scylla, the bridge breaks apart and a devil tribe member reported to black hood that Scylla is destroyed and Negir is ordered to go see the problem.

Chael wakes up and finds out that he at Lake Ellieh. Runa found out that Chael‘s necklace is missing for a reason. The necklace his deceased mother gave him when he was a baby. Then they met a Maru tribe member named Rherican who is holding Chael’s necklace. But Rherican needed some marshmallows in order for Chael to have his necklace back. Chael gave the marshmallows to Rherican and helped me go the Town of Maru which is located at a tree. Chael and Celine were excited and Runa isn’t and looked for the chief of the Maru tribe named Patriarch to ask about the way back to the mainland.

While nothing was free, Chael agreed to help chief Patriarch to find out the reason why there are unique monsters in the Island of Maru. They met a branch of the tree of life named Ellim to find out what’s going on in the island. Ellim told Chael, Celine and Runa that there is something terrible happening the animals. The thing was that the animals are turning into monsters which is caused by something strange. An animal drank a polluted water and its body transformed into a monster. The water was polluted by a king of unique monsters called Ekirnard. A monster that caused all that water source. After the monster was defeated, Celine prayed to the gods to have mercy on it and finds it's way to the whirlpool of chaos. Then the monster Ekirnard vanished. Then they found Luxferre unconscious somewhere not and far away in the Ekirnard cave and returned to the village for him to rest. The group finally knows the out but Luxferre came and started to fight with Chael then the chief puts Luxferre to sleep and made the group head to the temple.

When the group went the Cloud plateau, Chael saw a lighthouse. A place where Celine and her little brother used to live since childhood with a man named Fanu. When Chanel felt curious about it, he persuades both Celine and Runa to visit the sky lighthouse. But however, there were evil monsters outside of Fanu’s lighthouse. Then they rushed to rescue Fanu from evil creatures attacking him. He was safe and Fanu told Chael about fairies of how special they are and they only appear during crisis and there was a tombstone about a wingless hero(which a degenerated tribe member) and a fairy in the story. Later then, Celine called Chael and Runa to show him a surprise at the lighthouse rooftop and the surprise was called Heaven’s Road. Chapel and Celine talked about their dreams While Celine's goal to return back the Heavenly Realm and Chael goal to reach back to Earth.

When next day came, Chael, Celine, and Runa proceeded the journey to Paramanon Temple. First they to go see Celine’s little brother Seru. While Temir is busy pilgriming at Tarshen, Chael made Celine have private time with her brother Seru while heading the shop. While his dad Regret is worried about Chael missing for one month. Regret and Frey were waiting for both Chael and Runa to return. Afterwards, Chael, Celine and Runa met Temir and explained their problem to him. Luxferre suddenly appears angrily and blamed Chael for the wicked deeds and tricking the shaman to believe Chael. just like what happened in the story of the degenerated tribe hero and a fairy. Temir believed Luxferre and ordered the guards to send Chael and Runa the degenerated campsite without any further questions.

When Chael woke up the campsite, he met a degenerated tribe member with hair named Gwyjar. Gwyjar was thrown in the prison by Temir like Chael. He told Chael that the Divine tribe formerly lived with the degenerated tribe With no discrimination and everything changed by the time when Temir became pontifex of the divine tribe. Gwyjar helped Chanel escape prison and Chael protects Gwyjar from the evil monsters. Then, Chael returns to the temple but her little Seru said that she cannot leave the great temple. Chael received a letter from Celine and apologized to Chael of what happened at the temple and requests him to meet the old female shaman named Lewiel at the upper of Elraum valley. Also, Chael left the necklace his mother gave him to Seru and him to pass onto his sister Celine before he leaves the temple.

At the upper area of Elraum Valley, Chael and Runa came to see the old shaman female Lewiel, the shaman Celine mentioned. The Shaman Lewiel can tell his what is his fate and next area to head over to. The area is called Kanak Canyon, an area formed by volcanic ash and where the degenerated tribe members lives. While on the way the canyon, Chael fell down by a trap by accident and Runa angry. Then a member Kelf them out of the trap and met a female degenerated tribe member named Tressa at the town called the town of Amarance. There was child sick of eating mushrooms and she wants strawberries instead. After he finished the request, Kelf appeared and said that Gwyjar back to town. But Gwyjar has a terrible condition, Kelf told Chael that the other tribe members are captured to slaves of the Devil tribe at the area called Roku mines. Chael remembers his father’s words, rescue the captured ones.

After Chael stoped Angelfiez, a general of the devil tribe, There was a terrible cry that needs help which heard by Runa. She feels pain from hearing these cries and wants Chael to help out. in the lava cave, there is a mist that prevented them from going further. Then, Negir appears and heard cries and there was a power from the devil tribe. The mist turned devils into unique monsters. Chael was asked Negir find out where cries are which Chael refused at first. Chael thinked twice due to Runa's condition. At the deepest part of the lava cave, there was a unique monster called the Kazrogal, this monster can summon larvas in its boss battle. It has a blue stone on it's forehead and Chael and Runa slayed the monster. Runa finds out the that cries are from the blue stone. Chael was told by Negir he will teach him the use the stone someday.

Then, Chael returned the stone to Shaman Lewiel to in some investigations. But, she wasn’t at home. Chael and Runa a saw crystal showing of Celine getting kidnapped by Temir and Tariq. Then, Chael asks Seru of what happened and it turns out the be the truth. Chael has to go Karnak Canyon to search for Celine's tracks. The next area was the historic site platform, Chael talks with the Shaman Lewiel and told him that the next area to go over to is Nifel castle, The castle where Celine is currently at. The shaman gave him the letter to make Chael meet Laciel in the divine tribe town Tarshen.

When Chael met the captain of guards Laciel in the town of Tarshen, he gave offered his help to Chael to find a way into the castle. Runa finds the whereabouts of the stone called the reaction stone needed to activate a cannon to break gate. Later then, The castle of Nifel has been busted. Then, Chael finds Luxferre who prevented him from stoping Temir of what he had done and Chael was characterized a bad person by Luxferre and both fought each other. Then, Chael defeated Luxferre and left to rescue Celine.

Chael proceeded his adventure until he met two generals of the devil tribe, Ploplin and Pluto. After he defeated the two generals, Plopin told Chael that Celine in the right side. but he was stopped by Negir, he said the right side is a trap and slayed both Ploplin and Pluto and Chael was told to go the left side where Celine is.

When he arrived to the Altar of the Ritual, Temir said Chael was too late that ritual has finished and Celine has be sacrificed. He was furious and fights with Temir. After Temir was defeated, some strange light emerged at the section of the altar and Chael’s father Regret is summoned to altar. The truth is that Tariq lied to Temir. Chael was about to be killed by Tariq, but was saved by Temir front his teleportation spell.

Chael was very angry of his own actions and he is willing to save his father. The Pontifex Tempe took his necklace and found out the truth. It is said that Chael's real father is Pontifex Temir, Chael to teleported the human world with mother Isel, who saving him from the demon attack at the divine tribe. Sadly, his mother was hurt and succumbed to her injuries. Then, Regret adopts Chael as his son. Then Temir is dying and finding a solution to know his son’s name. Chael was devastated after Temir dies. Runa reminds Chael that his adoptive father Regret is captured and both rushed back to save him at the Castle of Nifel.

Luxferre came to the great temple and swears of revenge on Chael for taking Temir’s life. When Chael and Runa approached Luxferre near the final dungeon, Luxferre’s skin was darker and winged hair clips were black instead white. The both fought each other and Chael destroys Luxferre. Chael went into the final room of the Castle and found his adoptive Father and the demon lord Tariq. Chael started fighting with Tariq and Negir destroyed the regenerative machine which helps Chanel destroy him. After Tariq was destroyed by Chael, the floor broke apart. After Chael woke up, he and Runa found Regret standing at the dark area. But truth is, Regret is not his father and said he kept secret all the time to himself and Chael. When he was finshed talking to Chael, Antione emerged with Regret taking over his body. Chael was willing to save him. But sadly, destroying Antione won’t get Regret back with him.

When Chael was very sad, He was committing suicide by jumping off the cliff, but someone he liked saved him, it was Celine. He surprised if it really her. The Lewiel approached to Chael that seal was broken and Celine free from it and back to her normal status. But still, Chanel didn’t accept his destiny made the Creator. A person with an identical fate, was Negir who approached Chael and presented him a stone which is called the spirit stone with a power to change back the time, Consequently will let Chael have a change his own destiny. Lewiel is furious, then used the stone to take back to where he started his adventure on Midgard to make his destiny change and hard mode begins.


Chael decides to change his destiny (Normal mode)

In the hard mode, Chael defeats Temir, Tariq getting ready to destory Chael. The spirit stone shines and heals all the wounds on Chael that he got from Tariq. Chael begins to destroys Tariq. Temir casted his teleportation spell to get him, Chael, Runa and Regret out the Altar of the Ritual and everyone is back to Paramanon temple safely. Chael was told by Temir that he used the necklace to reveal Chael’s past life and said that Celine is still alive. Then, he was requested by Temir to destroy Antione in order to bring Celine back to her normal status which is the only way to save her. Then, Chael proceeds to go destroy Antione. His real father Temir told Luxferre that Chael is his younger brother. Luxferre came with Regret to help Chael battle Antione. Chael finds out that his brother is Luxferre. He couldn’t let Chael fight Antione by himself. And this time, To destroy a fleshless Antione, Regret decided to sacrafice himself to make Chael kill Antione. After Chael destroyed him, Chael and Regret had final moments with each other before he disappears into thin air. All the people in Midgard were very happy to go back to the Heavenly Realm with the spirit stone’s power. Chael receives a Azalia flower from Celine, a flower that represents first love. Chael says good bye to Celine and all the people before leaving Midgard and happily returned back to the human world. Chael was found by Frey, who had looking for him for a long time. Then, Chael explained to Frey why he disappeared. After Chael mentioned about picking flowers for Frey, he shows her an Azalia and hands it to her. Later, she wakes up and explained to Chael she looking for them and told him that it's only found at the Heavenly Realm and Chael recognizes her. He told her that she is Frey, she is also sad that Chael is awful with girls, even though he didn't look into Frey’s heart. Chael asked her if she’s Celine and he was told by her that she is actually Celine for real, who had waited thousands of years waiting for him.

Chael, Celine and Runa saw Rherican at Outer Iris, The same Maru tribe member they‘ve met at Maru Island. Chael was told that the Maru tribe decided to stay in Midgard forever. But, there are still unique monsters roaming around Midgard. Rherican wanted help from Chael to stop all of them. Chael and Runa decided to go back to Midgard to destroy all the monsters attacking Midgard. Hell mode will begin and Chael will start at Maru village and go kill monsters around Midgard.



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