Chain Reaction Promo.jpg

The Saw is Law!
~ Chain Reaction's official catchphrase

Chain Reaction is a Tech Sensei in Skylanders: Imaginators. He is voiced by Charlie Adler who also voiced Cow, Chicken, Buster Bunny, Ickis, and many others.


No matter what he was doing, Chain Reaction always prided himself at being the best at it. Despite his impressive skills, though, the two chainsaw swords he regularly wielded tended to scare most people away. As a result, Chain Reaction was often lonely. But that all changed the day he witnessed a group of young dwarves getting picked on by an evil gang of ninja rats, the dwarves looked at Chain Reaction as their hero, and followed him everywhere he went. While Chain Reaction appreciated the company, he knew that he could not protect them forever, so he decided to teach them all he knew so that they could one day protect themselves. Sometime later, Master Eon heard rumors about dwarves from a small village who had successfully defended themselves against a large army of ninja rats thanks to the teachings of a great master. He knew at once that he needed to find Chain Reaction and make him a Sensei.


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