Cham Cham is one of the minor protagonists from Samurai Shodown series.


Cham Cham is the younger sister of Tam Tam, the greatest warrior of their village. She mysteriously got a village heirloom called the "Tangiers Stone" to play with when a goblin snatched it away. She thought her parents would be angry because of it. So she sets out with her pet chimpanzee named Paku Paku, who is actually Tam Tam transformed as a punishment for his failure to protect the precious stone, in order to look for it.


Cham Cham is an energetic and optimistic girl. She's not the smartest one of her respective tribe, easily mad if she thinks she's being insulted to other, but she shares the bravery of her brother.

Powers and Abilities

Cham Cham's powers are Multiple Attacks, which she can deliver several slashes only once with her claws, and Energy Attacks, which she can put energy in her boomerang. Her fighting technique is much inspired from Felicia's due to her feline behavior like walking on all fours when disarmed. Her weapon, the boomerang, can be thrown high into the air or on the ground level, leaving her unarmed for a while. However, this could not be a total disadvantage as her claws and kicks are enough to keep her opponents away. Paku Paku may also be assisted to attack for her, including throw skulls, emitting fireballs and a spinning split kick.




  • Cham Cham was one of the veteran characters from the video game series who didn't receive a re-dub in the anthology of Samurai Shodown VI.
  • She first appeared the same year as another fighting game cat girl character known as Felicia from Darkstalkers series of dark-fantasy-themed fighting video games by Capcom. In addition, Cham Cham has an alternative color palette that looks similar to Felicia’s original colors.


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