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Chameleon is the supporting character if G.I. Joe. She is a deadly fighter who has had extensive training in Japan especially in the arts of infiltration and assassination. She is as determined as she is deadly.


Chameleon was recruited by Hawk for the task of retrieving Chuckles. Aside from her military skills, he chose her because of her passing resemblance to Jinx. She picked up his trail and eventually tracked him down to a Russian prison. Chuckles refused to be freed and she had to cede to his request to wait for one week.

Chuckles broke out on his own and she tracked him again this time to a camp in the Balkans. Chameleon made more attempts to convince Chuckles but remained unsuccessful and had to roll along his plan. On an infiltration mission to the Cobra mansion, she takes as prisoner Erika Le Tene who was attempting to defect. By then, Chuckles was severely wounded by a Viper squad and yet remains adamant to complete his mission of bringing down Cobra. She is forced to leave him and take Erika to G.I. Joe instead. Having found respect for Chuckles, she asks Hawk to give him a commendation but is instead refused. She lashes out at Hawk for the way he treated Chuckles. She is resigned from the G.I. Joe Team.

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