Champ Bear is Care Bear who has appeared across nearly all Care Bear generations.

Appearance & Personality

Champ Bear is a real sports star. He's great at every sport, but he's even better at sharing the real prizes of sports: fun, fitness, friendship and learning to be your best. He even shows this with his symbol: a golden trophy with a star, (despite it originally featuring a heart!)

Nelvana appearance

In the Nelvana animated series: The Care Bears Family. Champ bear is a light blonde bear wears a red sports headband, a Red Jacket with light yellow sleeves and has a belly badge of a heart emblazoned on a trophy.

20th Anniversary: Champ Care Bear is the biggest sports star in all of Care-a-lot. He's great at every game you can think of. He knows that the real prizes of sports are fun, fitness, friends and learning to do and be your best - win or lose! The trophy on his tummy symbolizes that everyone wins when they play like good sports.


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