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Chan Agi is one of the main protagonists of the anime movie Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. She is a warrant officer in the Earth Federation's Londo Bell task force and a close companion of Amuro Ray.

She is voiced by Mitsuki Yayoi and Fumiko Orikasa in the Japanese version, and by Nicole Leroux and April Banigan in the English version.


Chan Agi is a longtime friend of Amuro's who served with him in Londo Bell. Her close relationship with Amuro drew her the envy of Quess Paraya, who developed a crush on Amuro, and led to Quess defecting to Neo Zeon.

During an attack on Londo Bell's flagship Re-Callum by Neo Zeon's forces, Chan Agi manned one of the turrets and took out Neo Zeon's ace Rezin Schnyder. After the battle, Chan learned of Kayra Su's death at the hands of Gyunei Guss during Amuro's confrontation with him. An upset Amuro declared that he was prepared to give his life to stop Char. After Chan became worried, Amuro told Chan he wouldn't let his emotions get the better of him in battle and kissed her. Later, when Amuro took off in his Nu Gundam to go confront Char, Chan followed him in a damaged RGZ-91 Re-GZ, fearing he might try to sacrifice himself. She was followed by Hathaway Noa, who hoped to get Quess back from Neo Zeon.

The two were confronting by Quess, piloting the Mobile Armor NZ-333 Alpha Azieru and incredibly unstable due to the numerous enhancements she'd received. Hathaway begged Quess to come back, but Quess refused and ranted about how she could have had Amuro if it wasn't for Chan. Chan then accidentally fired a missile in their direction, but Quess went in front Hathaway and took the hit. Enraged, Hathaway turned on Chan and fired on her, killing her.

Later, during his final battle against Char, Amuro stated he could sense Chan's presence. The psycoframe Chan studied appeared throughout the battle.


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