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Chan Lee is a supporting protagonist in Bakugan. She was brainwashed by Naga to fight the Brawlers, but after getting free, she helps them.


She is a fighter at heart and uses martial arts to protect people. She is a show off much like Dan Kuso and does not hesitate to show it to the Brawlers. However, she loves Joe Brown and cares for him.


She is hinted to be of Chinese origin, with her dress reflecting that of a Chinese dress. Both of her outfits have a traditional red and gold theme, as those are the traditional Chinese colors. Her hair is black, medium length, and styled with a ponytail. She has brown eyes and black eyelashes.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

She first appears battling the other top ranked Brawlers. However, Masquerade appears and brainwashes them to fight the Battle Brawlers.

She then battles Dan Kuso in the mountains, losing to Drago and his fire attack, which leads her to say that next time will be different. She continues to serve Masquerade and Naga with sending the Battle Brawlers' Bakugan to the Doom Dimension, until she is defeated in battle with Klaus and Julio against Dan, Runo, and Marucho after Drago evolves into Delta Dragonoid II, breaking Naga's influence over her. She later loses to Masquerade and Hydranoid, losing Fourtress to the Doom Dimension, but later gets him back after the Brawlers defeat the Six Ancient Warriors and, per their agreement, Apollonir and the other Warriors send the Brawlers and the Bakugan home from the Doom Dimension.

When Naga launches his attack on Wardington, Chan Lee joins the fight to protect Wavern and the Infinity Core. At one point, when Hal-G tries to use a hostage against Wavern in her partner Joe Brown, Chan Lee arrives to stop him. After the Brawlers destroy Naga and return Alice's grandfather back to normal, Chan Lee sadly says goodbye to Fourtress before he returns to Vestroia with the rest of the Bakugan under Drago's leadership as the carrier of the Silent and Infinity Cores. She then starts to date Joe Brown.

Bakugan: New Vestroia

In Season 2, she is seen again saving Alice Gehabich from Shadow Prove, being seen using a Gauntlet for the first time, as well as using her martial arts once again to rescue Alice from Shadow in the same way she rescued her lover Joe Brown from Hal-G. Though Chan Lee and Fourtress put up a good fight helping Alice, destroying Hydranoid's mechanical counterpart in Hades, Shadow Prove unleashes his own mechanical Bakugan, MAC Spider, and defeats both Alice and Chan Lee, resulting in Dr. Michael's lab being severely damaged.


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