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Down these mean skies, a kat must fly. We want to be the good guys.
~ T-Bone

Right on target. It’s now or never!
~ T-Bone

Chance "T-Bone" Furlong is one of the SWAT Kats, a pair of feline vigilantes. He serves as the duo's pilot of the Turbokat, which he affectionately calls his baby.

He is voiced by Charlie Adler, who also voices Buster Bunny in Tiny Toon Adventures.


Unlike Jake, Chance is more muscular and heavy. His fur is yellowish tan with dark red stripes.


Personality-wise, Chance is like Jake, he's fun loving, honest, and friendly. He keeps this up even when under the guise of "T-Bone". However, unlike Jake, he is far more "reckless" and a risk taker, pushing the Turbokat to the limit, something Jake doesn't take too kindly to.


Not much is known about T-Bone's past prior to his dismissal from the Enforcers.

One day, Jake and Chance were chasing after Dark Kat as Enforcers and thanks to Chance's superior piloting, Jake was able to lock a target on Dark Kat's ship. Both were ready to shoot down the evil villain but their superior, Enforcers commander Ulysses Feral, told the two to stand down and allow him to take Dark Kat alone. Seeing the stupidity of Feral's plan, Jake and Chance decided to rebel against orders and take the shot. However, Feral used his wing to tip their's, causing Jake to miss Dark Kat and Chance to spiral out of control and crash right into the Enforcer's HQ. Needless to say, Dark Kat escape thanks to Feral's interference.

While he was okay, Feral took his anger out on Jake and Chance and dismissed them as Enforcers. He then sent them to work at the local salvage garage to pay off the damages Feral caused. Still, Jake and Chance wouldn't have it, using the parts for the salvage yard, they created the powerful Turbokat jet and many more vehicles.


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