Template:HeroinesChanel Oberlin is a main character in TV show Scream Queens, Chanel Oberlin is often classified as a mean girl but has shown many hero traits such as saving Zayday's life.

Personality and Appearance

Chanel Oberlin is a popular mean girl in Kappa Kappa Tau. She is very intelligent but was framed for the many murders in Kappa Kappa Tau by Hester Ulrich (Chanel #6 or Red Devil), who was the real killer. Chanel has/had 5 minions,

  • Chanel #2 (Deceased), Chanel #2 was the least loyal and was stabbed by #6's brother, Boone. She was stabbed in the head and had betrayed Chanel before her death leading Chanel to make an insulting speech at her funeral.
  • Chanel #3, one of the more loyal minions, Chanel #3 was Chanel's favorite until she became best friends with #5. #3 was also friends with #5 before they met Chanel.
  • Chanel #4 (Deceased), Died prior to pilot, not much known about her.
  • Chanel #5. #5 is Chanel's best friend, before they became besties, Chanel believed #5 was killer, claiming she was a 'psychopath'. #5 was also picked on as she caused the Chanel's to be caught whilst sneaking around in a mall.
  • Chanel #6. Chanel is enemies with #6 (Hester Ulrich) as Hester was the red devil. After Hester killed many people and planned the operation, she framed Chanel Oberlin and had her sent to jail. When she was bailed out she had Chanel, #3 and #5 go to an asylum.
Her appearance is often rich clothing and she known to be a very beautiful girl.


  • Halloween, Chanel loves Halloween, she claims Halloween is the only time you can scare a child and not be classified as a psychopath.


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