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Chao is a supporting character in the Dressrosa Arc in the anime and manga series One Piece. He was a former SMILE Factory who is first appearance at the Tontatta Kingdom.

He was voiced by Yui Kano in Japanese and David Stewart in English.


Chao has a red hair in the manga and brown hair in the anime, a light skin dwarf has fluffy, a big large nose with upward-pointed and tooth has chipped, and black eyes.

He has a black and grey shirt with striped, dark yellow pants has a suspenders, pink tie, light green gloves, his tail are dark yellow, light green, and brown, a brown collars, dark brown boots, and light green, black, grey, and blue googles in the forehead.

In the manga, he wears a white shirt with striped, yellow pants has a suspenders, blue tie, tan gloves, his tails are yellow and red, tan boots, and silver and blue googles in the forehead.


Despite his dwarves, he's believes that the princess is not healing while they tell them by the SMILE Factory staff. He is caring, loyal, attitude, and selfless about he was serious better than at the other comrades, telling them the welfare at the everyone in Dressrosa and Green Bit.

Powers and Abilities

Chao has a strong, but his quite above to many lift of this time at his weight.

Tontatta Combat

Chao's using his Tontatta Combat attack to shown been battle with the Donquixote Pirates. His simple seen his skill fairly to used at the attack title of "Tontatta Swing" who is lower-rank battles of the member at the Donquixote Pirates with whose he can swing into a guy under at the circle on the very fast made.


  • His Japanese Voice Actress, Yui Kano, also voiced Edy Nelson in Valkyria Chronicles, and Yuki in Clannad After Story.

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