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Chaos is a major villain who turned good in the end of the second season of the anime/manga, Heaven's Lost Property.


The first ever 2nd Generation Angeloid to be created by Nymph and Astraea's former master in Synapse, 2nd Generation: Type Epsilon Angeloid Chaos (or just Chaos for short) is the first in a whole new breed of Angeloids that features new, more advanced abilities over those of the 1st Generation series. Created as the first of a new line of advanced, upgraded Angeloids that differ in design compared to Daedalus and her 1st Generation models. Chaos is tasked with several missions by her master, the Man of Synapse. She is sent down to Earth to the town of Sorami, Japan to eliminate Tomoki Sakurai and to locate and kill both of the Angeloids that have "betrayed" Synapse for her master.

As with both fellow Angeloids Ikaros and Nymph, Chaos comes equipped with the powerful PANDORA System within her body.  However, her version of PANDORA behaves differently. While she was in development, the Man of Synapse created his own version of the PANDORA System, but in a radical twist, he makes it so that it is always active and that it can dynamically allow for Chaos to adapt and evolve over time, without having restrictions upon it. An example of her system adapting to changing conditions due to the aid of her PANDORA System, is when Chaos manages to become strong enough through the evolution of her systems to escape the crushing pressure of the deepest trench in the Pacific Ocean that Ikaros had trapped her in roughly six months prior. In that time she grows up and thinks love is torture and pain, since thats what happened to her. She then tortures all of the fishes in the ocean in thinking that that is love. In the end she truely understands what love is, by being spared by Astrea.  Then she, Nymph, and Astrea get a new, nicer master, Tomoki. Yet, she then is no longer hostile or enemies to Tomoki and his friends.


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