Lula Elena Chapa De Silva (more commonly known as Chapa) aka Volt, is one of the four tritagonists of Danger Force. She was introduced in the Henry Danger episode, "Game of Phones". She is one of the new sidekicks of Captain Man after the final of Henry Danger.

She was portrayed by Havan Flores


  • Electrokinesis: After the Omega Weapon Explosion Chapa gained the ability to generate electricity. It is activated when she glows red. It shown her lightning bolts can be reflected.
  • Spanish: In Villains' Night, Chapa is shown to speak Spanish after she transform into her villain outfit.

Description & Personality

Chapa is a force to be reckoned with. She is strong, confident and feels justified in her sometimes irrational behavior. She can behave at times like a mama bear defending her cub from the dark forces of the world.

As Volt, she wears a red and black suit with a logo on her chest of a circle with four lightning bolts. On her belt she has a logo resembling a hurricane, tilted. On her face, she wears a black mask with a red line on top.

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