In many settings, Alignments are used to determine a character's moral decisions.

Chaotic Good (Rebel)

Chaotic Good characters don't let law get in the way of what they think is the right thing to do. They try to do good, but they would often go by it with the wrong methods. Many people don't agree with them and for good reasons, as these methods often end in disaster.

Chaotic Neutral (Free Spirit)

Chaotic Neutral characters do anything they want to do, however they often hold themselves to a personal code of honor, and will normally stop themselves before they do anything to evil.

Lawful Good (Crusader)

Heroes of the "Lawful Good" alignment are characters who play by the rules, righteous people who support the law and order, and promote justice first.

Lawful Neutral (Judge)

Lawful Neutral are characters who hold law, honor and personal moral codes very highly, they commonly impose strict rules, and traditions, although sometimes unfair, they genuinely believe what they're doing is for the best.

Neutral Good (Benefactor)

Neutral Good, are arguably the best of heroes as they are ones who are driven purely by their conscience, and will in essence do anything to do the right thing. They often comply with laws, but may rebel against them if they consider one of them to be unjust.

True Neutral (Undecided)

Are in essence heroes who don't feel that strongly about any alignment, and will normally follow the one that will help them the most at that moment. They are generally the more antagonistic heroes, but they're the best of Anti-Heroes.

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