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Chole is the third main hero of Marvel's Future Avengers. A former HYDRA agent, She can disguise herself by using camouflage act into anyone.

She was voiced by Juri Kimura in the Japanese version of the anime and by Dina Sherman in the English dub. This was not always the case as Jeannie Elias was a stand in for the character when the latter could not show up.

Season One

She and Adi helped their friend Makoto escape the base they explained to him that the Avengers were the good guys. They are saved by Iron Man from the explosion.


In "Black Panther" unbeknownst to Stark, Chloe snuck aboard the Avenjet, and meets Black Panther even though there was the agreement that Iron Man had to go to Wakanda alone.

She used her camoflauge act to disguise herself as a guard but gave it away and was soon locked up after being discovered by Black Panter after thinking Stark broke his promise. She was later visited by T'challa who was impressed with Chloe sneaking into Wakanda the way she did and soon freed her.

In "Flight of the Falcon" she refuses to let Sam give her a codename and states she would rather earn her codename, she is later known as 'Charade'.

In "Another transformation girl" she meets Kamala Khan and the two become best friends after Chloe learns once Kamala gained her power, she just wanted to be like her idol Captain Marvel.

Season two

In "Sneak in! Dark auction." while everyone was out on missions of their own, Charade, Wasp, and Black Widow go on a mission to stop a black market auction onboard the luxury liner Starbright they tell her about the Stone of Infinite Power as they make their way to the ship. they encounter Bad Girls Inc which is Black Mamba, Asp, and Diamondback. Charade fights Diamondback in order to take on her appearance, Chloe gets the upper hand and sends Diamondback unconscious iin order not to cause any suspicion, Black Widow disguises herself as Black Mamba and Wasp disguises herself as Asp.

Her friendship with Kamala even made her decide to go to the moon in order to make sure Kamala was safe. She is seen at the end of series two graduating with the other Future Avengers.


She is shown to be stubborn and also careless when she is with Kamala.

Powers and Abilities

Chloe can shapeshift into anyone, this was first shown in episode one when she turned into oone of the HYDRA agents in order to keep Makoto and Adi safe from being found, she also has mimicry which lets her sound like the person she has disguised herself as. However, she was caught on camera when she claimed to be the Chairman who was agaisnt the idea that heroes should be able to use their powers even with the consequences.


Makoto (She sees Makoto as a younger brother)

Adi (Best friend/sees him as a brother)

Bruno (Friend)

Red Skull (Enemy/former boss)