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Charizard (Lizardon in Japanese version) is a Fire/Flying Type Pokémon from Generation I of Pokémon. It evolves from Charmeleon at Level 36, after evolving from Charmander at Level 16. It is widely known for its bad temper.

Charizard appears in the Super Smash Bros. series as a minor/cameo character in Smash 64 and Super Smash Bros. Melee, and a playable charater in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. 4, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the second in which it is a standalone character and the first and third in which it appears along with the Pokémon Trainer, Squirtle, and Ivysaur.

In the Pokemon series, it is voiced by Ryan Drummond from 1999 to 2004, Jason Griffith from 2005 to 2010, and currently by Roger Craig Smith since 2010.


In the games

Super Smash Bros.

Charizard was featured as a Pokéball Pokémon which breathes fire when summoned and as a playable character starting with Brawl. In Super Smash Bros Ultimate Charizard along with Ivysaur and Squirtle were vaporized by Galeems beams of light.

In the anime

Charizard is one of Ash Ketchum's Pokémon that evolved from a Charmander, its first pre-evolution form. Alain and Trevor also own a Charizard that can Mega Evolve. Kiawe own a Charizard his Pokemon Rider. Leon owns a Charizard that can Gigantamax.


Ash's Charizard

Joining Ash

Ash and Brock helping Charmander

Charmander used to belong to a Trainer named Damian, who eventually decided that it was too weak. He abandoned it on a rock, but told it he’d come back for it later. Charmander remained there for quite some time, growing weaker as time went by and eventually Ash and his friends came across it. Ash attempted to capture Charmander, but it resisted his attempts and told Pikachu that it was waiting for its Trainer. However when Ash and co. ran into Damian they found out that he had absolutely no intention of returning for Charmander. Damien even blew Brock off when he angrily called him out for leaving his Pokémon to die in the rain. The trio rushed back to save Charmander, who was now out in a rainstorm. Ash carried it back to the Pokémon Center, sheltering its tail flame under his raincoat. Charmander was able to recover, but went back to the rock to wait for Damian. However it came upon Team Rocket trying to steal Pikachu and told them to give Pikachu back. When they refused, Charmander attacked and drove them off with

Charmander being confronted by Damian

Flamethrower, prompting Ash to ask it to come with him. But Damian arrived on the scene, saying he’d abandoned Charmander so as to make it tougher and tried to recapture it. However it realized what kind of a person Damian really was and knocked the Poké Ball away, refusing to go back to him. Damian tried to use his other Pokémon to take Charmander back, but it blasted him with Flamethrower along with Pikachu using Thunderbolt on him, sending him packing, and joined Ash.

Time as Charmander

Charmander became one of Ash’s most used Pokémon and would continually grow in power. It was used to light up a cave for Ash on one occasion, team up with other Charmander on the St. Anne to drive off Team Rocket, and lead Ash through a tower haunted by Ghost Pokémon. Charmander would also take on a wild Primeape, defeating it after using Rage for the first time to increase its power. Its next fight would be in Ash’s Gym Battle in the Celadon Gym, where Charmander took on Erika's Weepinbell, successfully defeating it. But when it took on her Gloom, its stench took the Lizard Pokémon down. Charmander also battled for Ash at the Fuschia Gym, where it faced Koga's Venomoth, before Team Rocket interrupted the fight. In Ash and Koga’s rematch, Charmander took on the Gym Leader’s Golbat and managed to defeat it. It later fought a Golem owned by a biker and its flame attack proved strong enough to keep the Megaton Pokémon burning, even heating up its Poke Ball. After stopping a group of rampaging Exeggutor, Charmander finally evolved into Charmelon.

Disobedient period

Charmander having evolved into Charmeleon

Charmeleon being stopped by Paras

Charmeleon having just evolved into Charizard

Charizard taking on Magmar

However, Charmeleon was extremely disobedient towards Ash, since its skill level had grown beyond his and due to the fact that Charmeleon were more aggressive than Charmander. When he first tried to use it to fight a Paras belonging to Cassandra that Ash was trying to lose to so it would evolve, Charmeleon went all out in ruthlessly attacking it and even attacked Ash after he tried to reprimand it. Paras finally managed to stop it with a desperate claw jab, but it refused to let Ash recall it. Charmelon tried to take on Paras again after it evolved into Parasect, but the Mushroom Pokémon used Stun Spore to put it to sleep. Ash was able to recall it and Cassandra’s grandmother warned him that he needed to learn to control Charmeleon. He stopped using the Flame Pokémon, but when he found himself trapped in a cave with a group of Fossil Pokémon, Ash tried to use Charmeleon to drive them off. However it ignored his commands and went to sleep until an Aerodactyl showed up, knocking it over, and the Flame Pokémon tried to fight it, but couldn’t do too much. As Aerodactyl flew off with Ash, Charmeleon grabbed onto its tail as it flew out of the cave, but was shaken off. Angry and determined to reclaim its pride, Charmeleon evolved into Charizard and flew after Aerodactyl. It fought the Fossil Pokémon until Jigglypuff's Sing put everyone to sleep, but caught Ash as Aerodactyl dropped him, though it remained disobedient. This started to cost Ash during his journey, when he used Charizard in his Gym Battle with Blaine. It refused to fight his Rhydon and just lazed around, until it saw Blaine’s Magmar aiding in damming the volcano when Team Rocket unintentionally caused an eruption. Charizard then joined in and became determined to take on Magmar afterwards. Blaine had another battle with Ash on the volcano’s peak and Charizard and Magmar were able to match each other. Magmar tried forcing Charizard into lava, only for Charizard to take to the air and weaken its opponent with Submission, before taking it down with Seismic Toss. Later, when Ash was faced by Mewtwo's clone Pokémon, it took on a cloned Charizard, but was defeated after being knocked into the ground. Mewtwo then caught Charizard in a Clone Ball, but Ash managed to release it and the other Pokémon captured by Mewtwo. Charizard and the other Pokémon took on their clones, until Ash was petrified by attacks from Mewtwo and Mew. Charizard wept for its Trainer along with all the other Pokémon, which helped restore Ash and after everything was restored to normal, Charizard went back to being disobedient.

Charizard refusing to fight Sparky

Charizard being helped by Ash to recover

This really cost Ash during his battle with Ritchie in the Indigo League, when he was down to one Pokémon and called out Charizard. It took on Zippo (Ritchie’s Charmander), easily winning the round, but when Ritchie used Sparky (Ritchie’s Pikachu), Charizard refused to fight, going to sleep instead, as it deemed Sparky an unworthy opponent. Thus Ash lost the match and the Indigo League. Though he brought Charizard to the Orange Islands with him, he started trying to use it less. Ash did use it, along with Pikachu and Bulbasaur, in the second round of his gym match against Danny, but it showed little interest in taking part. However Charizard unwittingly helped when it fired a Flamethrower at Ash, turning a pillar of ice into a sled, winning him the round.

After Charizard saw the strength of Tracey’s Scyther, it became interested in fighting it, though Ash stopped any fight, but soon after they teamed up to fight Team Rocket. Ash then used Charizard in a battle with a boy on Mandarin Island, it took out the Tauros it was fighting easily before flying off, trying to incinerate everything around. However Prima had her Slowbro use Disable to stop Charizard, letting Ash recall it. Later, he used the Flame Pokémon to fight a Poliwrath belonging to Tad, refusing to listen to any of its Trainer’s commands and kept firing Flamethrower at its opponent, despite the attack’s ineffectiveness. Poliwrath used Water Gun, which almost put out Charizard’s tail flame, before using Ice Beam to trap the Flame Pokémon in ice. Horrified, Ash shattered the ice around Charizard’s head and lit a fire next to it to help thaw it out, also rubbing it to help restore its body heat.

Despite rubbing his hands raw, Ash kept it up, receiving help from Misty, Tracey, and Pikachu, and continued working to make Charizard better all throughout the night. Seeing this reminded the Flame Pokémon of how kind Ash had always been to it and by morning, it had recovered, with its loyalty to Ash restored as well. Charizard aided Ash in saving Pikachu from Team Rocket, learning how to use Dragon Rage when Ash and Pikachu were knocked out. Charizard had a rematch with Tad’s Poliwrath, successfully dodging Ice Beam and taking it down with Seismic Toss.

Battles with Ash

245px-Ash Charizard.png

Charizard taking on Pidgeot

Charizard tired after first flying with Ash

Charizard challenging one of the Charcific Valley's Charizard

Ash leaving Charizard

Charizard was later used along with Pikachu in Ash’s Gym Battle with Luana’s Alakazam and Marowak. While at first Charizard and Pikachu had trouble working as a team, they managed to get it together, helping each other deal with their opponent’s attacks. Eventually, Charizard managed to make Marowak and Alakazam knock each other out, winning Ash the match. Later, it helped bring Ash to Ice Island to claim the Ice Sphere and helped fend off Moltres, but was quickly recalled by Ash after the destruction of his sleigh. Charizard was then used in Ash’s battle with Drake, where it managed to defeat his Electabuzz, before taking on Dragonite. However it was weakened after being hit by the Dragon Pokémon's Water Gun and then knocked to the ground. Charizard and Dragonite both fired Dragon Rage at each other, but Charizard was finally overpowered and defeated. Ash brought it with him to the Johto region, where its power gave Ash an extreme edge. He used it against Casey, where it defeated her Pidgey just by exhaling, her Rattata when it bounced off its stomach, and her Chikorita just by slightly burning it with Flamethrower. Ash used Charizard in his Gym Battle with Falkner, taking on the Gym Leader’s Pidgeot. Pidgeot’s speed gave it the advantage and it even used Whirlwind to send Charizard’s Flamethrower back at it. After being repeatedly hit by attacks, the Flame Pokémon appeared defeated, but it got its second wind and managed to strike Pidgeot with a Fire Spin, before taking it down with Seismic Toss, winning the match. Misty eventually criticized Ash for using Charizard too much against inexperienced Trainers, which gave him an unfair advantage that let him keep winning. However Ash met Liza, who taught him how to fly on Charizard’s back and showed them the Charicific Valley, home to many strong Charizard. Ash and Charizard tried to prove how strong Charizard was, but Liza said that only weak Charizard showed off like his did. Angry, Charizard kept picking fights with the other Charizard, but was easily swept aside, even by the gentlest Charizard in the valley. Eventually, it was tossed out of the valley and Liza told it to train and reflect. Charizard remained in the lake it was tossed into for some time and Ash didn’t want to move on, knowing Charizard wanted to get stronger. Sympathizing with the Flame Pokémon, Team Rocket kept it awake in the water and staged an attack on the Charicific Valley. Charizard drove them off, proving itself to Liza, her Charizard, Charla, and the other Charizard and its determination to become great. Though sad at the idea of Charizard leaving him, Ash just angrily told it he didn’t want a weakling Pokémon on his team and he didn’t need it. He told Charizard to train in the valley, so as to become as strong as it desired to be, and ran away with tears in his eyes, knowing he couldn’t stop, since he’d be unable to say goodbye. Charizard and Pikachu said goodbye to each other, before the Flame Pokémon began its training.

Returns from training

Charizard helping Ash fight Entei

On one occasion, Charizard saw that Ash was in trouble in Greenfield, which Liza was watching on TV. It left the Charicific Valley to help and arrived just in time to catch Ash as he was falling off a cliff. Charizard then took on Entei and while it was able to put up a good fight, it was defeated by the Legendary Pokémon. But before Entei could kill Charizard, the bond it had with Ash made Molly change her mind and call Entei off. Charizard then worked together with Pikachu and Entei to break the forcefield created by the Unown, breaking the spell they had put on the area. Charizard then returned to the Charicific Valley. As time went by, Charizard grew even stronger and took on the role of bodyguard for Charla, apparently developing a romantic bond with her. On one occasion, Liza brought Charizard and Charla with her on a visit to the Dragon’s Valley, where they ran into Ash, Clair, and his friends, who were pursuing Team Rocket after they stole the Blackthorn Gym’s Dragon Fang and tricked the Valley’s guardian, Dragonite, into aiding them. Charizard, Liza, and Charla joined them, but

Charizard fighting Dragonite

Team Rocket accidentally started a fire in the forest from the flame in the Dragon Shrine, causing Dragonite to go berserk. Charizard and Clair’s Dragonair took on Dragonite, finally managing to beat it and calm it down. In Ash’s Gym Rematch with Clair, Charizard took on Clair’s Dragonair, successfully evaporating the pool in the Gym, preventing Dragonair from protecting itself. They continued to fight and Charizard tried using Seismic Toss, but Dragonair used Dragon Rage, badly harming the Flame Pokémon and preventing it from completing the attack. However Charizard used Seismic Toss again, but when Dragonair used Dragon Rage, the Flame Pokémon used Fire Spin to ignite the tornado Dragon Rage generated. Not only did this weaken Dragonair, this let Charizard complete its Seismic Toss, defeating the Dragon Pokémon and winning Ash the battle. Ash then had Charizard go back to the Charicific Valley with Liza to train more, knowing it still had much to learn. During the Silver Conference, Ash had Liza send Charizard to him for his match against Gary Oak. After being left with only one Pokémon, Ash called the Flame Pokémon out and it managed to fight and defeat Gary’s Scizor, thanks to its type advantage and equal speed. Gary sent out his Golem to fight Charizard, which was able to prevent the Flame Pokémon from using Seismic Toss. However it was finally able to defeat Golem with a powerful Dragon Rage. Charizard then took on Gary’s Blastoise, which it struggled to defeat thanks to Blastoise’s high defense skills. The Flame Pokémon tried taking to the air, only to be held at bay by Hydro Pump, but Ash had Charizard blast the field with

Charizard taking on Blastoise

Flamethrower, melting the rocks and heating it up. Blastoise cooled the field down, but the cloud of steam generated let Charizard get in close and start grappling with the Shellfish Pokémon. Blastoise used Withdraw to dodge Dragon Rage, but Charizard managed to finish it off with a Seismic Toss, winning Ash the battle. In Ash’s next match with Harrison, he sent Charizard out against Blaziken.

Charizard fighting Blaziken

In their fight, Blaziken’s incredible jumping ability took away Charizard’s aerial advantage and they each landed powerful attacks on each other with Blaziken even using Flamethrower to weaken the impact of Charizard’s Seismic Toss. In the end, the two used their Dragon Rage and Flamethrower against each other, but Blaziken was the one who got up, losing Ash the match.

Charizard fighting Articuno

After the Silver Conference, Charizard went back to the Charicific Valley, but Ash would again call on it for his first fight in the Battle Frontier against Noland. It took on Noland’s Articuno, succeeding in matching the Legendary Pokémon at first. But it was able to remain unaffected by Charizard’s Flamethrower and Dragon Breath, using Mist to prevent the Flame Pokémon from seeing and hitting it with Steel Wing. Articuno then used Water Pulse to badly damage Charizard, freezing its wing tip as well. However the Flame Pokémon finally used its newly learned Overheat to melt the ice, before grabbing Articuno as it was again trying to use Steel Wing, then used Seismic Toss on the Legendary Pokémon. Though Charizard collapsed at first, it got back to its feet as Articuno fainted, winning the match.

Charizard taking on Dusclops

It was also used in Ash’s battle against Brandon, along with Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu. Charizard took on Dusclops, which managed to use Confuse Ray, Mean Look, and Will-O-Wisp on it, forcing the Flame Pokémon to fight in a confused state, while continually taking damage. Charizard managed to snap out of the confusion and weakened Dusclops with Dragon Breath. It tried using Seismic Toss, but Dusclops dissipated and reformed away from Charizard, taking out the Fire-type with a Shadow Punch. However Ash was able to win and Charizard returned to the Charicific Valley.

In the reboot like his Charmeleon form, he seem to be more obeidiant to Ash then not follow his orders, also protecting his old Trainer from Mareshadow attack, same if he abandoned him in Charmander form.

Red's Charizard

As Charmander

In File 1: Red, Red picked it as his because it fit his name and his burning desire to be a Trainer. Its first battle was against a wild Pidgey, which escaped. Charmander was then used in Red's first battle against Blue's Squirtle. Due to Red's inexperience and Squirtle's type advantage, Charmander was easily defeated.

During Red's Gym battle against Brock, Charmander was Red's initial choice, but when learning about the advantage that Brock's Geodude has on Fire-type Pokémon, it was soon recalled. However, it would still end up as Red's last healthy Pokémon against Onix. Red and Charmander emerged victorious thanks to Red's strategy. It was revealed in File 2: Cubone that Charmander evolved into Charmeleon some time after Red's Gym battle against Misty.

As Charmeleon

After it evolved, Red used Charmeleon in Lavender Town to face the ghost who terrorized the inhabitants of the city, which was later to be revealed to be the spirit of a Marowak who was killed by members of Team Rocket.

It was revealed in File 3: Giovanni that Red used Charmeleon again in his battle against Erika, and it managed to get him his fourth Badge. After several battles, Charmeleon evolved into a Charizard.

As Charizard

Red used Charizard in his first battle against Giovanni at Silph Co. Even though the Fire-type Pokémon tried its best, it was easily subdued by Giovanni's Nidoqueen. Charizard was used again in the final battle against Giovanni, where it faced Giovanni's Rhydon. After a hard battle, Charizard managed to win and Giovanni decided to change his attitude.

In File 4: Charizard, at the Pokémon League in the final battle against Blue, Charizard was the final Pokémon Red used. It went against Blue's Blastoise. The two Pokémon fought hard, but Charizard ultimately proved victorious with a combination of Fire Spin and Fire Blast, landing it, along with Red and the rest of his party, in the Hall of Fame as Champions. From then on, Red resolved to capture all the Pokémon in the Kanto region. Charizard was used in a battle against a Moltres, which ended up being captured by Red.

During Red's battle against Mewtwo, Red sent out Charizard as his last hope, after the rest of his team had been defeated. Initially, Charizard was no match for Mewtwo either, being defeated by being thrown into a lake together with its Trainer. With the use of a Mega Stone, given to Red by Mr. Fuji and its great bond with Red, it was able to Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X. With this new level of power, Charizard was able to match Mewtwo's power. And so, after a series of powerful moves, it was able to defeat Mewtwo, allowing Red to catch it.

Trevor's Charizard

As Charmander

From Professor Sycamore, Trevor chose Charizard, as a Charmander, as his starter Pokémon. Unlike Trevor who is shy and cautious, Charmander is very energetic and likes to play chase with other Pokémon. During the events of the Pokémon Summer Camp, Charmander got startled and ran off. Upon encountering the heroes' Pokémon, it used Fire Fang on Chespin, causing him to get burned and doused by Tierno's Squirtle's Water Gun. Trevor ran and caught his Charmander, apologizing to others for the trouble. Later, Trevor sent Charmander to battle Clemont's Chespin. Charmander used Flame Charge, litting Chespin's tail, who extinguished it by laying on the sand. Charmeleon was used in Team Squirtle's Pokévision video, where Trevor introduced Charmander and showed its energetic spirit.

The following day, Trevor took Charmander through the dark maze to collect a stamp. When Bonnie was gone missing, the teams noticed some footprints; Charmander followed them and illuminated the foggy area. Once they found Bonnie, Trevor had Charmander attack some Drifloon and Drifblim with Flamethrower, causing them to float and allow Ash to jump onto them to save Bonnie. However, when Ash was returning, he nearly fell down, so everyone pulled Clemont's Aipom Arm to pull Ash, Bonnie and Pikachu back up.

On the last day of the Pokémon Summer Camp, before the tournament began, Team Squirtle came to the cooks - who were the Team Rocket Trio - and were told they needed to hand over their Pokémon for health inspection at the Pokémon Center. Tierno gave his Squirtle, Shauna her Bulbasaur and Trevor his Charmander. After some time, Team Squirtle visited the Pokémon Center and were shocked to hear the cooks did not give her the Pokémon. The heroes joined Team Squirtle in finding the missing Pokémon. They found the cooks and Pikachu removed the table cloth, revealing Team Squirtle's Pokémon had been captured and binded by Leech Seed. Team Rocket removed their disguises and attacked with Inkay and Pumpkaboo. Clemont's Bunnelby used Dig, distracting Team Rocket and allowing Froakie to free the Pokémon by using Cut on the vines. Later on, Team Squirtle faced Team Froakie in a three-on-three battle. Charmander started with Flamethrower, a move which Fennekin used as well for collision. Charmander used Flame Burst on Chespin, and due to the secondary effect, the move hit Pikachu as well. After Serena's Fennekin was defeated, Charmander tried to defeat Pikachu with Flamethrower, but was defeated by his Thunderbolt.

As Charmeleon

Later, Trevor was looking for his Charmeleon near Mt. Molteau. He found Charmeleon and got burned by its Flamethrower, but also found the heroes as well. Ash had a quick battle with Charmeleon, using his Fletchinder. Fletchinder dodged Charmeleon's Fire Spin. Fletchinder blocked Charmeleon's Flamethrower attack with Steel Wing and hit it with Flame Charge. Charmeleon used Dragon Claw and Flamethrower, but missed and got defeated by Fletchinder's Steel Wing. When everyone got to the top of Mt. Molteau, Team Rocket attacked them, so Trevor had Charmeleon use Flamethrower, but was countered by Inkay's Psybeam. Charmeleon also used Flamethrower on Moltres, who was angry, thinking the heroes were allied by Team Rocket, who wanted to catch it. Charmeleon was seen beside Trevor, who was watching a Lairon when Tierno told the heroes that Trevor was supposed to meet up with Tierno and Shauna, but found new Pokémon he was interested in taking pictures of.

As Charizard

Trevor used his newly evolved Charizard in the first round of the Lumiose Conference against Alain and his Charizard. Charizard started off by using Fire Spin but Alain's Charizard was able to dodge the attack. Alain's Charizard flew up, using Flamethrower, and Trevor's Charizard blocked the attack with Dragon Claw. Trevor then used his Key Stone and Charizard, with its Mega Stone on its tail, Mega Evolved into Mega Charizard Y. Mega Charizard Y activated its ability, Drought, and used Heat Wave but Alain's Charizard slammed its tail on the water, using the water to block Heat Wave. Mega Charizard Y used Dragon Tail but Alain's Charizard flew up, dodging the attack. Alain Mega Evolved his Charizard into Mega Charizard X and it used Flamethrower while Trevor's Mega Charizard used Fire Spin. The two attacks collided, creating some smoke, and Trevor's Mega Charizard used the smoke to approach Alain's Mega Charizard in the air. Alain, however, saw what it was doing and ordered his Mega Charizard to use Flamethrower towards Trevor's Mega Charizard. The latter got hit and landed on the ground, which resulted of getting knocked out. A part of this battle was shown in a TV show, hosted by Malva. Meanwhile, Alain battled well and even advanced to the semifinals. Sawyer was also watching the video of this battle before the finals and took notes about the battle strategies other people were using.

Due to chaos raging in Lumiose City, Trevor sent Charizard to help him protect and escort the citizens to safety. Trevor's Charizard was with its trainer at a Pokémon Center, where Trevor watched the broadcast about the Giant Rock.

Ash remembered Trevor and his Charizard, as Charmeleon, witnessing Fletchinder's evolution when he was reflecting back on his journey.

Alain's Charizard

As Charmander

Alain received a Charmander from Professor Sycamore, when Alain was still working with him.

As Charmeleon

After Charmander evolved, it battled against Lysandre's Pyroar, but it lost. Lysandre told Alain he could achieve greatness if he became the strongest - hence why he offered a Charizardite for Charmeleon and a Key Stone for Alain.

As Charizard

Charizard was used in a battle against Astrid and her Absol. Absol used Psycho Cut to counter Flamethrower and used Megahorn, but Charizard blocked the attack. Both Pokémon Mega Evolved and started an intense battle. Mega Charizard used Steel Wing, but was countered by Mega Absol's Megahorn. Mega Charizard repeated the attack, hitting Mega Absol. Mega Charizard used Dragon Claw. Mega Absol used Dark Pulse to counter Mega Charizard's Flamethrower, but Mega Charizard used Blast Burn, defeating Mega Absol in an instant. Charizard later faced Remo and his Mega Garchomp. Remo believed Alain to be claiming lies, saying Charizard was a dragon-type Pokémon. Alain Mega Evolved Charizard, proving his fact. Garchoo used Dragon Rush, hitting Mega Charizard, who retaliated with Flamethrower. Mega Garchomp used Dual Chop and clashed with Mega Charizard's Dragon Claw, but Mega Garchomp got defeated. Alain used Charizard against yet another Mega Pokémon, this time Siebold and his Blastoise. Mega Charizard dodged Blastoise's Hydro Pump and tried to hit it with Dragon Claw, but missed. Blastoise used Skull Bash, but Mega Charizard used Dragon Claw to counter the move. Siebold Mega Evolved Blastoise, whose Dragon Pulse, that was powered by its ability, Mega Launcher, dealt a lot of damage to Mega Charizard. Mega Blastoise used Hydro Pump, hitting Mega Charizard, who endured the attack, exchanging blows by using Flamethrower against Mega Blastoise's Power-Up Punch. Mega Charizard managed to hit Mega Blastoise with Dragon Claw, but was defeated by its Dragon Pulse.

Alain challenged Steven Stone for a battle after seeing his Mega Stickpin. Alain used his Mega Charizard while Steven used his Metagross. Mega Charizard started off with Flamethrower, though Metagross used Psychic to cancel the attack. Steven Mega Evolved his Metagross, who used Flash Cannon to hit Mega Charizard. Mega Charizard used Dragon Claw, hitting Mega Metagross, who retaliated with Meteor Mash, bashing Mega Charizard onto a rock. Mega Charizard used Blast Burn, but Mega Metagross was not affected, while Steven warned Alain not to underestimate Metagross. When the two Pokémon were about to clash with Dragon Claw and Meteor Mash, a Flamethrower interrupted the battle and both Pokémon stopped with battling and reverted to their normal forms. It was revealed that Lysandre was the one who interrupted the battle. When Mega Rayquaza appeared, Alain used his Mega Charizard to stop Mega Rayquaza from attacking the shrine that consisted of the Giant Rock. Mega Charizard used Flamethrower, but Mega Rayquaza dodged the attack and attacked Mega Charizard with Dragon Ascent. Mega Metagross managed to save Mega Charizard before Mega Rayquaza used Draco Meteor to destroy the ruins.

Alain used his Charizard again when Groudon and Kyogre were battling against each other for the Giant Rock. Mega Charizard targeted Primal Groudon for attacks, leaving Steven's Mega Metagross to handle Primal Kyogre. Primal Groudon used Solar Beam, but missed Mega Charizard, who used Flamethrower. Primal Groudon attacked with Precipice Blades, though Mega Charizard crashed through the rocks with Dragon Claw. Mega Charizard used Steel Wing, but was badly injured by Groudon's Precipice Blades and crashed into the iced land. Alain went to Charizard and saw that the flame on its tail became smaller and retrieved Charizard so it couldn't take more damage. After the battle around the Giant Rock, Alain asked Lysandre for more battles, wanting to get much stronger. Lysandre allowed him so and Alain sent Charizard to battle a trainer's Mega Tyranitar.

Both Alain and Charizard wanted to become stronger, so Lysandre thought of a challenge. The challenge consisted of ten Mega Evolution trainers; Alain accepted the challenge, but was warned if he was defeated even in a single challenge, he'd had to hand over his Key Stone and Charizardite to Lysandre. In the battle against Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard used Flamethrower, but Mega Venusaur took less damage due to Thick Fat and poisoned Mega Charizard with Venoshock. Mega Venusaur used Vine Whip, binding Mega Charizard and slamming it to the ground. Mega Charizard managed to free itself and repel Mega Venusaur's Seed Bomb and defeat it with Dragon Claw. After the battle, Alain gave a Pecha Berry to Charizard, who ate it, curing its poison status. Before Mairin could speak to Alain, a new challenger came, who sent and Mega Evolved Alakazam. Mega Alakazam used Psycho Cut, hitting Mega Charizard, who retaliated with Dragon Claw. After defeating Mega Alakazam and Mega Aggron, Mairin approached Alain, who brushed her off. After Mairin ran away, Charizard wasn't very pleased of how Alain handled and Alain noticed it. After Mega Charizard defeated a Mega Pinsir with Dragon Claw, Alain faced his last challenger: the Elite Four, Malva and her Houndoom. Mega Charizard used Flamethrower, which Houndoom absorbed with Flash Fire before being Mega Evolved. Mega Houndoom used Flamethrower, hitting Mega Charizard and filling the area with Smog. Mega Charizard used Flamethrower to clear the smoke and proceeded to attack with Steel Wing, but was hit by Mega Houndoom's Crunch, knocking Mega Charizard on the floor. Mega Charizard freed itself with Flamethrower. Mega Houndoom used Dark Pulse, which Mega Charizard tried to counter with Dragon Claw, but got hit by Crunch. The Mega Pokémon used Flamethrower attacks, which collided. Mega Houndoom attempted to defeat Mega Charizard with Crunch, but Mega Charizard summoned a great load of power and defeated Mega Houndoom with Blast Burn. Both Charizard and Alain were happy when they succeeded in completing the challenge. After Alain took off on his mission to gather more energy to recover Chespie, Alain and his Charizard faced a trainer who had a Mega Banette.

Alain, who has been watching Ash, sent Charizard to battle Team Rocket, freeing Pikachu from their robotic arm by using Dragon Claw. Team Rocket was angry, but were blasted off by Pikachu's Thunderbolt. Later on, Alain sent Charizard to battle Ash's Greninja. Greninja started off with Water Shuriken, but Charizard negated the move by using Dragon Claw. Charizard dodged Greninja's Cut and burned him with Flamethrower. Wanting to get Greninja to show off its power, Alain had Mega Evolve Charizard. Greninja countered Mega Charizard's Dragon Claw attack by Cut, then used Double Team. Mega Charizard banished the illusions with Flamethrower. Greninja attempted to use Aerial Ace, but got hit by Thunder Punch. Greninja rose up and transformed itself, syncing its mind and feelings with Ash. Greninja used Aerial Ace, hitting Mega Charizard. Mega Charizard attempted to attack with Thunder Punch, but Greninja used Cut to counter the move. To finish the battle, Mega Charizard launched Blast Burn, defeating Greninja in an instant.

Per Lysandre's request, Alain sent Charizard to attack Z-2 (in its serpent form), to help Aliana and Mable capture it for Team Flare's purposes. After Charizard hurt Z-2 with Dragon Claw, Alain Mega Evolved it. Z-2 managed to use Extreme Speed and bash Mega Charizard into a wall, who retaliated with Dragon Claw. Z-2 retaliated with Land's Wrath, an attack Mega Charizard managed to endure. During this distraction, Aliana and Mable managed to drain Z-2's energy and capture it properly. Charizard, however, shifted into its original form, since Alain finished the task. Once Greninja recovered from its battle against Clemont's Luxray, Ash sent him in a battle against Alain's Charizard. Charizard countered Greninja's Water Shuriken and banished illusions (created by Double Team) with Flamethrower. After Greninja managed to execute Cut on Charizard, Alain Mega Evolved it. Mega Charizard attempted to use Thunder Punch, but missed and got hit by Greninja's Aerial Ace. Greninja tried to use Cut, but was blocked by Flamethrower and blown away by Thunder Punch. Greninja stood up and transformed itself. While Mega Charizard managed to counter Cut with Flamethrower, it got hit by Greninja's Aerial Ace. Mega Charizard managed to push away Greninja with Dragon Claw, a pain Ash sensed. While Greninja managed to attack Mega Charizard, Ash felt strange and collapsed, thus ending the battle. Later on, Alain saw Charizard was looking forward to battle Ash and Greninja once more. When Diantha showed an image of Zygarde, Team Rocket recalled their meeting with Team Flare and Alain and his Mega Charizard when they captured Z-2. Alain challenged Korrina for a Gym Battle for his final badge with his Charizard against her Lucario. They Mega Evolved their Pokémon, to which Mega Lucario made the first attack with Aura Sphere, but Mega Charizard used Flamethrower, which clashed with it. Unfortunately, Mega Lucario was defeated and Korrina gave Alain the Rumble Badge, to which she wished him good luck for the League.

Alain used his Charizard in the first round of the Lumiose Conference against Trevor and his Charizard. Trevor's Charizard started the battle by using Fire Spin and Alain's Charizard was able to dodge the attack by flying up. Alain's Charizard then used Flamethrower but Trevor's Charizard blocked the attack by using Dragon Claw. After blocking the attack, Trevor Mega Evolved into his Mega Charizard into Mega Charizard Y and used Heat Wave. Alain's Charizard slammed its tail on the water, using the water to block Heat Wave, and Trevor's Mega Charizard used Dragon Tail. Alain's Charizard dodged the attack by flying up and Alain Mega Evolved his Charizard into Mega Charizard X. Alain's Mega Charizard used Flamethrower while Trevor's Mega Charizard used Fire Spin and the two attacks collided, creating some smoke. Trevor's Mega Charizard flew towards Alain's Mega Charizard but Alain saw what Trevor's Charizard was trying to do and ordered his Charizard to use Flamethrower towards Trevor's Mega Charizard, defeating the latter. After defeating Trevor's Mega Charizard, Alain's Mega Charizard easily defeated Trevor's other two Pokémon, Aerodactyl and Florges, with Flamethrower. A part of this battle was shown in a TV show, hosted by Malva.

Alain faced Remo and had Charizard defeat his fifth Pokémon, a Rhyperior, with Dragon Claw. Remo recalled his first encounter with Alain and sent Garchomp and Mega Evolved it. Garchoo fired Draco Meteor, which hit Charizard, whom Alain Mega Evolved. Mega Charizard used Dragon Claw, which clashed with Garchoo's Dragon Rush. Mega Charizard, however, tossed Garchoo away and burned it with Flamethrower. Garchoo tried to use Dragon Claw, but Mega Charizard used the same attack and defeated Garchoo. Alain's Mega Charizard shifted into its original form and was called back by Alain, who walked away victoriously from the battlefield. Alain continued training his Charizard for the Kalos League finals. During the night, Sycamore came to Alain and noted how powerful Charizard was.

To battle against Pikachu, Alain sent Charizard. However, Pikachu damaged Charizard immediately with Quick Attack and electrocuted it with a super-effective Thunderbolt. Pikachu used another Thunderbolt, which hit Charizard. Just as Pikachu was unable to use Quick Attack, Charizard fired Flamethrower, which burned the former. The latter repeated its attack, which Pikachu negated by slamming Iron Tail on the ground and raising the rubble to stop the attack. After his Bisharp was defeated, Alain sent Charizard back into the fight to face Ash's Greninja. Both Pokémon charged towards each other, though Greninja used Cut and hit Charizard. While Ash's Greninja, through Bond Phenomenon, transformed himself, Alain Mega Evolved his Charizard. Ash-Greninja used Double Team, though the illusions were banished by Mega Charizard's Flamethrower. Next, Ash-Greninja fired Water Shuriken, which was countered by Mega Charizard's Dragon Claw. Ash-Greninja came close to Mega Charizard and attacked with Aerial Ace, but got pushed away by its Dragon Claw. After negating Mega Charizard's Flamethrower with Cut, Ash-Greninja slammed its Water Shuriken into the ground to stop Mega Charizard's Blast Burn. This surprised Mega Charizard, who immediately got hit by Aerial Ace. Still, Mega Charizard counterattacked with Dragon Claw, inflicting some more damage on Ash-Greninja. Mega Charizard used another Dragon Claw, which was stopped by Ash-Greninja's Cut. Mega Charizard then used Thunder Punch, but failed to hit Ash-Greninja, who used Water Shuriken to negate the attack and wound Mega Charizard. Ash-Greninja conjured a golden Water Shuriken and threw it to Mega Charizard, who fired Blast Burn. After the collision, Ash-Greninja fell down in defeat, while Alain's Charizard, managing to stay standing, won the battle, earning Alain the victory of the Kalos League finals.

Ash and Alain were searching for Mairin, as the roots spouted out throughout Lumiose City. Alain sent out his Charizard, who used Flamethrower to burn away the roots, but failed. Even with Ash's Pikachu's power combined, Charizard was unable to destroy the roots, which only regrew back. After Ash and Greninja broke free from Lysandre's cuffs with Bond Phenomenon, Charizard freed the rest of Ash's Pokémon. Alain Mega Evolved his Charizard, as he and Ash faced Lysandre. Mega Charizard used Dragon Claw, but was hit by Lysandre's Mega Gyarados' super-effective Stone Edge. Mega Charizard used Dragon Claw on Mega Gyarados and wounded it, along with Ash's Hawlucha's High Jump Kick. Later, it used Thunder Punch and hurt Mega Gyarados. Just as Talonflame and Ash-Greninja launched their attacks, Mega Gyarados used Stone Edge and hit them both. Mega Charizard saved them from falling down, but they all got hit by Mega Gyarados' Dragon Tail. After a hard battle, Mega Charizard used Dragon Claw, Ash-Greninja used Cut and Pikachu fired Thunderbolt, which managed to successfully defeat Mega Gyarados. Later, Mega Charizard was later sent out to help Serena's Braixen, who nearly fell down from Mega Metagross. It also used Flamethower on the plants to free Steven's Mega Metagross, to fight against the Giant Rock. In the process, Greninja managed to track Chespie's location within the artificial creature and used Water Shuriken to show everyone where it is. Mega Garchomp fired another Flamethrower, but was soon bound by the Giant Rock's plants. When it seemed that Greninja, Braixen, Charizard, Mega Garchomp, and Mega Metagross were about to face their doom, the Kalos Gym Leaders and Diantha showed up with their Pokémon.

After strategizing their plan of saving Chespie, everyone combined their powers to fight off the Giant Rock. As they were running towards the Giant Rock, Alain had Mega Charizard fire Flamethrower on the roots to bun them away. Ash and Alain reach into the core and rescue Chespie, thus bringing the Giant Rock to a halt. However, when everyone tried to destroy the Giant Rock, Lysandre showed up and resurrected the creature with his remote control. Ash-Greninja, Pikachu, and Mega Charizard managed to destroy Lysandre's remote, which allowed Squishy and Z-2 to destroy the Giant Rock and finish Lysandre off once and for all. After Team Flare's evil ambitions were finally put to an end, while not wearing its Key Stone, Charizard assisted Greninja in rescuing Pikachu from Team Rocket by using Flamethrower. Charizard and its trainer received Honor of Kalos medals for their heroic efforts against Team Flare. When Alain accepted the offer to become Professor Sycamore's assistant, his Charizard no longer Mega Evolved, due to Alain giving his Key Stone and its Charizardite to the authorities as evidence of Lysandre's crimes. Alain told Ash that he would start over again from the beginning and his effort to find a new Key Stone and a Charizardite for his Charizard.

Leons Charizard

Leon owns a Charizard that can Gigantimax. It battled several giant pokemon and was often victorious including Ash's Pikachu.

Voice actors


  • Shin-ichiro Miki

Charizard the Dragon

  • Masato Nishimura (Japanese, Charizard CD)
  • Masami Kikuchi (Japanese, Charizard OVA)
  • Jun'ichi Kanemaru (Japanese, 1998-present)


Charizard breathing fire at Ash

While Charizard was a Charmander, it was an extremely loyal Pokémon, doing as Damian asked it, despite the risks to itself. After seeing how Damian really acted, Charmander suffered from some issues with abandonment. But after becoming a Charmeleon and Charizard, it was very different, not caring about friendship and constantly seeking to increase its strength on its own. Ironically, it had become very similar to Damian. Even when it fought for Ash, Charizard only did so because of its pride, though at times, it showed it still had a small shred of its loyalty to Ash. After Ash helped it recover after its fight with Poliwrath, Charizard has become loyal to its Trainer once again, though it still constantly seeks to become stronger and has a strong sense of pride. It also has a habit of blasting Ash with Flamethrower, but while it used to be a sign of its rebellious attitude, it now uses it as a sign of affection.


Charizard using Dragon Rage

Charizard is one of Ash's strongest, if not strongest Pokémon, having defeated many powerful opponent(s) and even defeating a Legendary Pokémon. It has high strength, speed, endurance and is able to fly thanks to due to his wings. Charizard's known attacks are Flamethrower, a powerful blast of flame he fires from his mouth, Seismic Toss, where he picks up its opponent, flies into the air, spins around a few times, then slams them into the ground, Fire Spin, a spinning fire blast, Dragon Rage, a fiery ball of energy Charizard fires from his mouth, Mega Punch, a powerful punch, Overheat, a white hot blast of fire that gets weaker when used repeatedly, Dragon Breath, a beam of air that Charizard breathes out of his mouth, Take Down, a powerful body slam, Steel Wing, a metal based strike with his wing, Leer, a glare that lowers the opponent(s) defense, Ember, a barrage of fireballs fired from Charizard's mouth, Rage, where he becomes more ferocious and boosts his attacking power, and Submission, where he grabs the opponent and flies around in circles.



  • Ash's Charizard’s gender has never been officially confirmed, though it has been hinted to be male. In the English dub of one episode, Brock referred to it as male and its relationship with Charla also hinted to its gender.
  • Charizard has used the most moves out of all of Ash’s Pokémon, was the first of his Starter Pokémon to fully evolve, the first to defeat a Legendary Pokémon, and the only one of Ash’s Pokémon that didn’t obey him after evolving.


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