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Charles is a supporting character on The Loud House and one of The Loud Family's original pets.


Charles is the Loud family's pet dog. He was adopted into the family when Lana found him and cried until they agreed to keep him. He's been with the Louds before Lincoln met Clyde, as shown in "Deal Me Out". He has a large role "Butterfly Effect" and "Pets Peeved" but he mostly has cameos in the series. Because he seems to hang in Lincoln's room, and around Lincoln most of the time, it is possible he is mostly Lincoln's dog.


Charles is a Pitbull Terrier dog with small white ears, a small nose, and a black spot over his left eye. He has freckles and a black concentric circle on his back.


  • Charles is named after Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz, while he is modeled after the two dogs featured in Cliff Sterrett's comic strip Dot and Dash.
  • Of all the Loud family pets, he hang out with the Loud kids the most.
  • He seems to be the closest to Lincoln, Luna, and Lana.
  • His Polish name is Lolek, a typical dog name.
  • Charles is the most frequently featured of all the Loud pets.
  • In "Head Poet's Anxiety", Charles was present when Luan was first starting comedy, which implies that he's 7 years old.
  • It is possible that he is the leader of The Loud Family's Original Pets.


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