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Boyle with an ain comet look

Full Name

Detective Charles Boyle




Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Detective for the NYPD

Powers / Skills

Excellent detective skills, excellent deductive reasoning, highly intelligent, excellent with guns and hand to hand to hand combat


Eating, playing video games and watching T.V.


Become a great detective for the NYPD (succeeded)

Type of Hero

Detective, Heroic Pervert

What you did is the culinary equivalent of unprotected sex.
~ Charles Boyle

Charles Boyle is one of the main protagonist in Brooklyn-nine. Charles Boyle is a Police Detective in New York Police Department with his best friend Jake Peralta. Even though they are not partners in the police force, but they work together on cases together. Charles is a good detective and he is almost good as Jake. Both of them highly decorated police officers. Boyle is awarded the American Flag Breast BarNYPD Medal for ValorUnidentified awardUnidentified awardNYPD 150th Commemorative Breast Bar. Charles had a crush on Detective Rosa Diaz and but Rosa has showed any feelings to Boyle. Not yet, but soon.


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