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I've got the perfect plan. This is the Greatest PLAAAA-
~ Charles' most famous quote.
We did it though, we got 'em. Pretty good plan. You could say it was the greate-
~ Charles' last words in the Valiant Hero route.

Charles Calvin is the deuteragonist of the Henry Stickmin series, appearing as the deuteragonist of Infiltrating the Airship and Completing the Mission, and the tritagonist of Fleeing the Complex. He is a helicopter pilot who works for the Government and helps Henry Stickmin during his missions. He appears as Henry's ally in Infiltrating the Airship, the "International Rescue Operative" route in Fleeing the Complex and in Completing the Mission. He can also be a heroic antagonist if Henry decided to join the Toppat Clan or just be a rogue thief.

He is voiced by Marcus Bromander.

Events in the series

At some point in his life, Charles joined the Air Force and became a helicopter pilot, going on many special ops missions for the government, becoming one of the most experienced pilots in the process.

Infiltrating the Airship

Charles is the military helicopter and leads Henry throughout his mission.

In Government Supported Private Investigator route, he gives Henry an earpiece and serves as his handler. After Henry breaks into the airship, Charles helps him cross a large gap by using a mechanical robot. The next room has Wilhelm Krieghaus who is having trouble using his key card in the door. Charles assists Henry by using one of his gadgets to melt Wilhelm's bones. After Henry gathers the evidence he needs, Charles reveals the next room has too many armed guards, and suggests Henry to use the ventilation duct. There is a lot of electricity blocking the path, but Henry orders Charles to reroute the power to a random room (that ends up being a darkroom, ruining the photos of the Toppat Clan Member working inside) Henry can now safely reach the cargo bay, where two more men are blocking his path. Charles thus tells Henry to click a button on his earpiece, which turns it into a force gun. Henry takes out the two men and Charles brings the chopper near the bay doors. The Right Hand Man comes into the cargo bay and attempts to stop Henry, but Henry is able to use the force gun to blast himself to the chopper. He turns the evidence over to Charles, and the airship division of the Toppat Clan is arrested.

In Pure Blooded Thief route, when Henry is spotted after stealing the Romanian Ruby, Charles sees that alarm is activated and Henry has been found out. Captain Galeforce moves to plan B and Charles calls reinforcements. Military soldiers then break into the airship and cause it to crash in the desert, where the fight continues on the ground. When the Center for Chaos Containment launches a prototype army to solve the chaos, Henry steals their armour and escapes with the ruby. Charles intercepts him, but the Captain tells him to let him go over Charles's protests.

In Relentless Bounty Hunter route, Charles isn't seen until the end. After turning over the Toppat Leader to the General, Charles hands Henry a document pardoning him of his crimes. He and the General take Reginald Copperbottom, the Toppat Leader, and leave.

Fleeing the Complex

Charles reappears during the International Rescue Operative route.

After Henry escapes his cell, he has the option to contact Charles. Charles remarks that he is on another mission, but has heard of The Wall and can swing by to get Henry out. He then instructs Henry to head outside and find a place for him to land. A guard blocks Henry's way, but Charles clears the path by controlling a miniature helicopter to latch a grappling hook to the guard, pulling him off the ledge. When Henry continues to the helipad, the two guards up there spot his helicopter and prepare to shoot him down. Henry tackles the one with a rocket launcher to save Charles. When the other guard notices Henry, he is crushed by Charles' helicopter. The two of them then fly off, leading to the "IRO" ending.

Completing the Mission

Charles' standing with Henry will depend on whether Henry has helped the Government to take down the Toppats or joined them. In "Government Supported Private Investigator" or "Relentless Bounty Hunter" endings from Infiltrating the Airship and/or "International Rescue Operative" from Fleeing the Complex, he will be working with Henry as an ally. In "Pure Blooded Thief" ending, he will be neutral but can be allied with but in "Rapidly Promoted Executive, he's an enemy.

In "Government Supported Private Investigator" and "Presumed Dead" route, Charles sacrifices himself to let Henry escape from the Toppat's space ship in one of the escape pods, in which he is blown up with the ship, mentioning that you can say it was the greatest plan a moment before he dies, leaving Henry shouting at this sight. This leads to the ending, "Valiant Hero", where the final picture shows a grave of Charles Calvin, with Henry looking down at it.

With the "Government Supported Private Investigator" and "International Rescue Operative" endings, he and Henry team up once again using the earpiece, both helping each other. Once Henry succeeds, the Captain officially enlists Henry and promotes them both to special Covert ops agents, leading to the ending "Special BROvert Ops".

With the "Government Supported Private Investigator" and "Convict Allies" endings, he picks up Henry and Ellie Rose, mentioning that in order for the rescue to be sanctioned, Charles had to agree to prevent the Toppat Clan from firing their rocket. Henry and Ellie agree and the three of them attack the base, quietly infiltrating the rocket and sabotaging the launch. This leads to the "Triple Threat" ending.

With the "Pure Blooded Thief" and "Convict Allies" endings, Charles is seen in the climax as Henry and Ellie are stuck between the Toppat Clan and the Wall's staff, offering them a way out. If Henry chooses to side with Charles, he and Ellie will jump into his chopper, and then follow his instructions to shoot miniguns at the rocket's support struts, causing it to fall and destroy the base. Charles then brings Henry and Ellie to see General Galeforce, who offers them both a pardon, leading to the "Pardoned Pals" ending. However, if they side with the Toppat's, the Right Hand Man will shoot at Charles's chopper, causing damage and forcing him to land it. This leads to the "Toppat Recruits" ending.

With the "Rapidly Promoted Executive" and "Presumed Dead" endings, Charles can be seen when the scrambled rocket and the G.A.B.E.N.G.G launched by the Center for Chaos Containment are battling. He's on the ground, but does not appear to be injured, as General Galeforce is calling off the attack on the Toppat base. This leads to the "Toppat 4 Life" ending.


Charles is not very intelligent. In the three games that he appears in, he has the “greatest plan” to deal with enemies, namely fly his helicopter straight into them, despite the risks and obstacles. This is revealed that he just always wanted to crash into something heroically. Most of the fails in the route where he assists Henry fails because he messes something up. He really likes using a gatling gun, but ends up accidentally killing Henry with it because it was poorly suited for the scenario. He does pull off a masterful shot in Complex with a sniper rifle, but unfortunately, he accidentally aimed at Henry instead of the guard.

Charles also doesn't understand many of the gadgets he uses. He has a gravity bubble, but has no idea if “Up” means that it raises the gravity inside the bubble, or lift the person in the bubble up into the air. He'll also hack into their systems to open a door not realizing it's the wrong one. He also takes things very literally: He'll shut the power off the Airship when asked, but doesn't realize the airship needs power to fly.


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