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Charles Robinson is a supporting character in 007 movies Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day. He is a fictional MI6 aide and Deputy Chief of Staff, who starts for first time in 1997.

He is played by Colin Salmon.


Tomorrow Never Dies

Robinson mediates between Bond, the command center (led by M and Admiral Roebuck) and support ship HMS Chester. The latter has infiltrated a terrorist weapons bazaar on the border of Russia by England.

Bond has to recon before Chester launches the cruise missile that would have killed "half the world's terrorists," according to Admiral Roebuck.

However, Bond discovers that a pair of SB5 nuclear torpedoes, sold on one of the Bazaar planes, immediately telephones Chester, ordering him to stop the missile. Bond realizes this thanks to Robinson and rushes to steal the jet and evacuate all the torpedoes a second before there is an impact

They all believed that with cameras in the area due to the explosion, that he hadn't made it, Bond then radioed the center and asked where the admiral wants to take the weapons to be delivered.

With Bond back, Robinson accompanies him to M and Moneypenny who brief him on his next mission: to investigate the actions of media mogul Elliot Carver and his relationship with the sinking of HMS Devonshire, a ship that had apparently been sunk by Chinese MIGs during a collision.

Because of the mean television news between England and China, there is a risk of war. Robinson is last seen with M looking through a satellite Bond and Wai Lin who managed to stop Carver.

The World Is Not Enough

Robinson has a very small role in this film, mostly seen at the end when R becomes the new Q and while he and M spy on Bond who is going to a hotel with Christmas Jones.

Die Another Day

Robinson appears during a realistic training simulation for Bond, and then reappears towards the end when he works with the NSA and M to spy on what the bad guys are doing. When Bond arrives with Jinx he warns them that the hardline North Koreans led by Gustav Graves (Tan-sun Moon) are about to attack South Korea.


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