Charlie's Angels are an elite team of crimefighters. Named so because they answer to a mysterious benefactor named Charlie, they are a team of women specialized in martial arts, espionage, detective work
Charlie's Angels
and armed combat, dedicated to protecting the world from the forces of evil. 

The original team was Sabrina Duncan, the leader of the team, Kelly Garrett, an orphan with a heart of gold, and the zany and unpredictable Jill Munroe.

After the 80s, this team disbanded, and in the 2000s Charlie recruited a new team: the brilliant but scatterbrained scientist Natalie Cook, the level-headed and rational Alex Munday, and the agressive tomboy Dylan Sanders. Kelly stayed on as a mentor to the new team of Angels.

Sometime around 2019, the 2000s team disbanded, and Charlie put together a new team of Angels: Sabina Wilson, Elena Houghlin and Jane Kano. Kelly once again became the mentor to this new team.

The 70s team favored armed combat with rifles, machine guns and handguns, while the 2000s team favors unarmed combat such as Krav Maga, kung fu, aikido, taekwondo and Jeet Kun Do. The 2019 combines both approaches, fighting with several kinds of firearms and several kinds of martial arts.

A common exchange for all three teams is for Charlie to greet them with the phrase "Good morning, Angels!", and the team responding in turn "Good morning, Charlie!"

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