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Charlie is a professional cleaner and a hitman who disposes of bodies and cleans crime scenes for criminals.

He was portrayed by David Patrick Kelly.


He is friends with John Wick before Wick retired. When Iosef killed his his dog and Viggo sent his men to kill John but they failed John called Charlie to clean up the mess. Charlie is glad to see John again and mentioned that he was worried that John left his old life behind. After cleaning up the blood and taking the bodies Charlie ask if he will be hearing from John again. Charlie then appears again to dispose of Ms. Perkins body after she is killed for breaking the Continental rules.

Charlie returns again in a deleted scene in John Wick 2 where Charlie is being paid by Santino D'Antonio to dispose of the bodies and cleaning up the mess that John left as he comes for Santino. Charlie is satisfied because with John being back business goes up which is good for Charlie. Even though Charlie never makes an appearance in John Wick 3 with John being excommunicado and how many people John kills in chapter 3 business is going up for Charlie and his cleaning crew.


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