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Charlie is the (former) quaternary antagonist of Rio 2 and a supporting protagonist in the following installments. He is one of Blu's best friends.

Originally one of Nigel's henchmen, Charlie was hired by Nigel to assist him in his revenge plot against Blu. However, Nigel did not care much about Charlie's hunger for ants and forced him to continue the plan. Ultimately, Charlie decided to switch sides and quits Nigel's team, officially becoming a part of Blu's family.


Charlie does not talk at all because he has an occupation on eating ants. He is usually seen with a smile on his face.

Initially, Charlie is loyal to Nigel and Gabi, even though Nigel is rude to Charlie.

At the end of the film, he redeems himself by quitting Nigel's team and is now friends with Blu and the others. Charlie has since grown extremely attached to Carla, Bia, and Tiago as their best friend.

Overall, Charlie has proven himself as a truly good anteater, despite his previous affiliation with Nigel.


Charlie is a beige and brown Northern tamandua with brown eyes. The darker patch of his fur resembles a vest, with white fur on the rest of his body.

He wears a black bowler hat and a red bow tie with a dark brown collar.


  • Charlie is partially based on (and named after) Charlie Chaplin and his popular screen persona The Tramp.
    • His mime tactics are based on Marcel Marceau.
  • Northern tamanduas are great tree climbers, but Charlie does not look like he can climb at all, using his tongue like a rope to hold on and climb, like a lumberjack. This may be due to him being raised in captivity and therefore not having any experience climbing trees.
  • According to Blue Sky Studios' Twitter, Charlie was originally going to be working in a circus with Nigel and Gabi.
  • His character description on the official film site stated that "red ants make him crazy." This is never seen in the second film. In the Junior Novel, eating a red ant causes him intense pain, but also gives him a burst of energy.
  • Charlie was never actually evil, but merely originally helping Nigel since he was the one who had freed him.
  • Despite being a silent character, he speaks in Rio: Match 3 Party. The reason for this is unknown.

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