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I have this little sister, Lola. She is small and very funny.
~ Charlie's famous catchphrase.

Charlie Sonner is one of main titular protagonists of the British TV show, Charlie and Lola. He has an little sister named Lola, and he is voiced by Jethro Lundie-Brown in season 1, Daniel Mayers in season 2, and Oriel Agranoff in season 3.


In the book and television series, Charlie has the same color hair and skin. As for his clothing, he is usually seen wearing a white sweatshirt with different coloured sleeves (although usually seen as blue or green sleeves.) and the word "Charlie" on the shirt written in black or white writing in a rainbow format. (sometimes he wears a different shirt with the middle part not being white, but the sleeves are always a different colour and the his name is always visible on the shirt he would be wearing. Charlie sports blackish- dark gray trousers with a white edge at the bottom. In the theme song, he does not wear shoes, but in the episodes he is sometimes seen wearing blue, green, or other colored shoes.


Throughout the series, Charlie is always encouraging Lola to try out new things. If she refuses, Charlie usually comes up with a game or something that usually gets Lola to try out new things. Whether it'd be a new food or a new book, Charlie always manages to convince Lola one way or another. Besides this, Charlie cares deeply about Lola and always is teaching her new things she is curious about and helps her when she is sad or angry. Charlie is not usually seen being angry at Lola, although there are times where he is seen to be a bit angry at Lola. (hence in one episode when Lola accidentally broke Charlie's rocket, he got very angry at Lola.) It is also hinted at in episode that Charlie feels very uncomfortable in an untidy/messy atmosphere and prefers being next to cleanliness. Charlie cares a lot about the environment, and supports recycling very much.